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” Cauliflower Popcorn ” a delicious, easy to make snack using some store cupboard ingredients. I have teamed up with NEFF to develop this crunchy recipe for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Hope you guys will give it a go and tag me in your pictures if you try these cauliflower popcorn! #ad

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Chetna Makan appeared on the Great British Bake Off in 2014 and won the ‘Christmas bake off 2016’.

Her first book ‘The Cardamom Trail’ came out in April 2016.
Her second book ‘Chai, Chaat & Chutney’ came out in July 2017.
Her third book ‘Chetna’s Healthy Indian’ came out in Jan 2019.

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Mann's (Mann Packing Company) says:


Gary Daniels says:

They look great anytime, especially for a lockdown picnic in the garden. Who'd have thought a simply cauliflower could become something so comforting. Thankyou Chetna, have a lovely weekend.

Neil Barker says:

Hi Chetna, loving the channel. Yesterday I experimented with Hot Cross Buns. Because of the spices I wondered how you may do something like this. I find I have to at least double up spices to get flavour. What would you do differently (maybe pre toasting) to get a decent amount of flavour and maybe even enhance the tradition. Very interested in what you come up with. I'm thinking of a sweet spice mix for porridge too.😊. Best Wishes.

Jordan Miller says:

these look so awesome–any chance they would work baked or sauteed? Nothing beats deep-frying but I am trying to avoid a quarantine 15. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy! <3

Sean Bellfort says:

Goes nicely with Lager Beer. Thank you

Simon Lester says:

Hi Chetna
These look yummy thank you. May I ask what the knives are that you use (the large one, I like the curved handles)

Michael says:

that looks amazing!

Holy_Mess says:

This looks so good. 😋
I usually break up the cauliflower with my hands after separating it from the core, it keeps me from getting annoyed about having to pick up the knife, cut, put it down and repeat; which would always end with me having larger pieces than I would like. I also use the leaves, ribs, and most of the core in recipes that cook for longer, especially if it's locally grown cauliflower, it is usually more tender. 😊

Yoshiko Yeto says:

Ooh, I adore cauliflower! This looks divine!

Sarnath Kerala says:

Vegan thank you again.

Joel Weik says:

Hi Chetna! Can you please let me know what the name of the music/song is in this video?

Becca Scraps says:

Is corn flour the same as corn starch?

Helen Kobold says:

Can you bake them as well?

Rachel Pilsbury says:

What breadcrumbs did you use Chetna? They look quite ‘orange’ 😀
They look lovely 😋 xx

Carolyn Lewis says:

Omg these look lovely! I must try them!

Lulu Colby says:

I don’t have fresh coriander leaves. Is it possible to substitute that with fresh cilantro or parsley leaves? With or without, I looking forward to making this – thanks again!

nikitha Mary says:

Hi chetna that's so amazing and delicious 😋 love ur food… Hope u and ur family are safe .. Stay safe… And plz share more healthy recipes… Be happy and stay safe all of you

Bénédicte Warlop says:

Thank you ! 😋😘

manisseta says:

Looks so good!

Bruce C says:

As tasty as these look, (and, omgosh, they look delicious!), that is just too much fiddling for me… I'll share this recipe with everyone, hoping they'll make it for me! 😁

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