Marco Pierre White Recipe for Ratatouille

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Marco Pierre White Recipe for Ratatouille


Dinan Arunthavanathan says:

Knorr is shit

Chino Flores says:

He ain’t no Remy πŸ€

Dave d'Video Maker says:

I don’t use Aromat – I instead use salt and pepper, but I season the tomato sauce with the stock pots.

Steve Bradley says:

I very rarely think of ratatouille.

Johann Bogason says:

Aromat instead of onions!
That is blasphemy

Kraken Visuals says:


J B says:

I think he’s making bad recipes on purpose to sack Knorr

Asaemon Ikeda says:

Can i use ajinomoto instead of knorr cheff?

Morgan Mackay says:

Here we are making knorrs stockpots with a side of ratatouille

Henry Goldman says:

Looks greasy.

Miljan says:

Rat at oil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wolfy8668 says:

Ok ok, so how much rat should I add EXACTLY? Must have missed it

Vivek says:

He can never look directly at the camera… If you look him in the eye directly it could cause unthinkable damage to your mind and eyes.. beware the curse of imhotep

Roger Sutton says:

Just roll your stock pots in Aromat until covered and fry in 2 litres of olive oil until golden. You could add vegetables if you like; that’s optional

Charles Coates says:

00:34 is where he died inside

MrDarkTides says:

Best chef of his generation

R I C C C says:


Burnt Guy says:

Goddamit, I didn’t season my olive oil enough, now it’s underseasoned. Exactly what Marco warned about…

Malte Schaper says:

Sponsored by Knorr…eyebrows…"and then we season with Knorr Aromat"…disliked and knoped out.

g0dbel0w says:

Otherwise known as Eggplant and Zucchini

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