Quorn One Show Taste Test with Jay Rayner

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BBC’s The One Show found that 75% of people could not tell the difference between Quorn and real meat in a chilli con carne recipe http://www.quorn.co.uk/recipes/chilli-con-carne/. Why not try it for yourself?

What does Quorn taste like? Jay Rayner taste tested various people in a West London Pub and found ¾ of people could not tell the difference between a chilli con carne made with Quorn mince, beef mince and pork mince. This proves that Quorn mince tastes just as good as beef mince.

Make One Change in your diet today. Try a healthy alternative to mince with Quorn mince, visit http://www.quorn.co.uk/food/cook-from-scratch/vegetarian-mince/.


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