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Heston shows you how to make a burger inspired by the English breakfast – a delicious feast for any time of day. See the full recipe | http://www.waitrose.com/content/waitrose/en/home/recipes/recipe_directory/h/heston-blumenthalsenglishbreakfastburger.html

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Ray D. says:

My heart and prayers go out to Heston’s dishwasher

burnlastsunday says:

Someone tell this American what brown sauce is please? Without being disgusting.

George says:

he must of ran out of hp sauce

Annick Nasarallah says:

That looks delicious, I need this in my life ❤️

Matt O says:

Why is he talking like he's the first person to ever put bacon, egg and tomatoes on a burger?

Seth Hesio says:

The pipette was totally unnecessary. Smacked of a producer saying “do something science-y”

Cal Milan says:

Pay your workers you flop!

hattorihanzo69 says:

Not convinced you should cook English breakfast fare in olive oil, or a burger for that matter

Kat Bug says:

What exactly is brown sauce?

Tinman 83 says:

For this recipe you need a PhD

Joe Williams says:

he's smashed in all these vids

Carl Brutananadilewski says:

As a clean eating, healthy lifter, food like this now looks disgusting to me! Once you have a six pack, fattening food like this isn't worth it.

Iain Wallington says:

I just can't stand this person rest the burger for 5 to 10 minutes the burger is stone cold after 4 mins the metal spatula on a non stick pan what a wanker

Jim Lunn says:

That egg looks old

Martin Hill says:

Wont it be cold after having left it to rest for ten minutes

J. Bugz says:

runny egg yolk sandwiches are crap

Dan Rockell says:

I’ve never wanted to punch anyone in the face so much as when he got the nutty butter out for the 457th time

James Wilson says:

Heston performing anal sex on his wife.

‘Ok darling I’m not gonna use lube here I’m actually going to use beurre noisette.’

Simon Catt says:

This would be miles better if the burger was made from a couple of herby sausages.

but ton says:

If you need a video on how to make a burger, you have no business being in a kitchen to begin with

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