(312) Openshaws Ploughman's Lunch Review

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Lock Noob says:

I just had to share this video 🙂 no lock picking in this one I'm afraid 🙂

Fhjthnl Lol Iuyo says:

Im eating one now. I like it cuz its it's almost real food but a snack. I take them to work now and then because I'm unorganised and don't feed myself before going to work.

Macnutz420 says:

In a significant portion of my misspent youth, in Canadian pubs, I practically lived on real pickled eggs, those triangular bits of processed cheese and packaged chips or crisps. Oh, and a lot of beer.
I am ancient of days, I expect the pickled eggs, pickled sausages, etc, are long gone.
I left the pub scene when I learned how to make my own beer and ale and made my own pickled eggs, and quit playing music in bars..
Finally, my wife banned the pickled eggs because of the terrible farts that we created in the basement.
She could abide the brewery aromas but not the pickled egg farts.
Thanks for the triggered memories. 🙂 I was a musician. Of course I lived in pubs and bars and festivals where the beer gardens were a huge part of the biz. At 70, my liver and heart are still in fine shape. Its the secret to longevity, I swear it is.

A G says:

Nowt good comes from Lancashire

Liam Vickerman says:

should of at least used an extractor to open it XD

Aalbert Torsius says:

That's amazing. You should've bought a second pack and done a give-away! 🙂

fromefun says:

I was there when he say this… Oh my you should have seen his little eyes light up!!!!

molie77 says:

Noob, that was so sad my friend but awesome at the same time, they look brilliant 😂😂🤣….
Thanks for sharing !!!!!

Steven Hodgson says:

Was the lockpicking event a public one, or private? I'm looking to improve my skills by meeting other hobbypickers.

tonkas says:

Fancy some cheese gromit! I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a little block of crumbly Lancashire cheese as it said Lancashire on the pack. I'd probably still go for the scratchings 😉

Michael Maynard says:

That was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I particularly liked the way that your hands were shaking in what I can only assume was anticipation, or possibly fear, from about the midpoint on. Truly great.

Shed Pete says:

Awesome, got to find myself some of those 🙂

Merlin says:

It looks like butter! I imagine it tastes like slime?

Don'z Lockz says:

Never seen these, we must not have ploughs down here…they look ok though.🍺✌

Rookie Lock says:

Mmmm I wish we had something like that here in Canada, I love weird or different snacks.

Andrei Stefan says:

What a cheesy video 😀

LockPicking Patrolman says:

Great video! 👍 😃 Visiting your country has long been a dream of mine, so I’m always intrigued by things like this 🙂 I should do a reply video showing my similar “tuna salad” lunch kit I had at work the other day 😆😆

AdRnUk says:

It’s a shame more places don’t sell it, especially supermarkets and not just the occasional British pub.

Might be even better if it had real British cheese with Branston Pickle instead and was kept refrigerated. :0)

N0Comply says:

Probably tastes like fine cuisine after you necked a few.

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