Learn to Make Tamales with Red Chicken Chile Filling & Chorizo and Potato Tacos

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Hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison uncover the secrets to the ultimate Tamales with Red Chicken Chile Filling. Then, test cook Dan Souza makes Julia perfect Chorizo and Potato Tacos.

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Jairo Romo says:

Also you can mix the dry masa with cooked rice

Jairo Romo says:

I’m Mexican and can already tell these will not be good

Jairo Romo says:

The green “husks” are banana leaves not husks, and no one uses red Chile sauce it’s red f’ing mole

Bettie Williams says:

There is no heat under the pan. WTH?

Vanessa Provost says:

I’m hungry 😋

Jeff, the God of Biscuits says:

Holy crap, people. They made a simple mistake on the banana leaves. Can y'all just calm down? This is still a great recipe.

Guillermo Ruelas says:

Sorry I'm never gonna take two white women serious on how to cook tamales or anything else Mexican

David Smith says:

Thank you for the chorizo recipe. The only stuff I can find is so greasy that it turned me off of chorizo – I'm excited to try this recipe!

Dem says:

16:20 i saw you drop a quarter of those potatoes in the sink.

DrPepperJunior says:

Ive had the banana leaf tamales and the corn ones. IDK what it is about the banana ones but i found them a bit too moist bc the leaf contains moisture better than the dried corn husk ones. I guess its subjective but i prefer the corn ones because the moisture levels are just right to me.

Max San says:

Looking forward to trying the tamale recipe. Please develop a cheese and green sauce tamale filling recipe.

Justin H. says:

Watching Dan cut and avocado in half, remove the seed, quarter it, peel it, dice it… My bro, just cut it in half and squeeze it all into the food processor.

travellingbirder says:

Chile is a country in South America, Chillies are the fruit of the Capsicum plant.

Rigo Valdez says:

TRADITIONAL tamales DO NOT HAVE BUTTER IN THEM THEY ARE MADE WITH LARD FROM A PIG 🐖. Please I your going to make our recipes specially one like tamales that is one of our core recipes and that represents Mexicans worldwide. That’s also NOT how you spread the masa in the tamales, your suppose to beat the masa with the lard as to beat air into it and make it fluffy and light. You test the masa by taking a small 1/4 tsp of the masa and drop it into water if it floats it’s ready if it sinks your not done beating the masa. Also the most traditional tamales are made from pork butt shoulder and the head meat. There made either in a red Chile purée or a green salsa

Andy Brown says:

We used to make the Chorizo and Potato tacos when we lived in Denver and could get good chorizo and called it Mexican Potatoes. Served it with Green Chili.

Michael Katt says:

You did a nice job on the tamales but they are crap full of work, my recommendation is to find a mom and pop Mexican market, every town has a few,  check in on Saturday or Sunday morning before noon and I bet you they will be selling tamales out of blue cooler in front of the cash register, price will vary but expect to pay about $10 to $15 per dozen.

Philip Eyrich says:

Daring! Just don’t put your hands near your eyes after directly handling the peppers.

Burnell Taylor says:

The green husk is a banana leaf and I don’t know where they come with a cord and ear of corn inside but I’ve never heard of that

Abel Ortega says:

Son geniales

JL says:

I love Mexican food thank you

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