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Cheryl’s first date is left feeling awkward when a family row breaks out. A classic clip from the BBC comedy series The Royle Family.

Best of Alan Partridge:
Harry Enfield and Chums:

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Gerard Deegan says:

Bring back the royle family

TG_tiger 12 says:

That like me when i found out that peaky blinders season 6 has been cancelled

pearljam619 says:

Absolutely brilliantly written will always be funny.

Tania S says:

This show reminds me of my mum and brings me so much comfort

john higgins says:

This just reminds me way too much of my grandparents and I think that's why I can't bear it. It might be funny to watch on TV, but try being around such people then. The cameras are never outside of the depressing house. There's no substance to them but swearing, complaining, smoking, talking absolute rubbish and dreams they won't achieve just by sat their all the time talking about it.

Sonia leppard spots says:

Nana with her eye open smirking hahaha 🤣

Debbie Ryles says:

Brilliant funny clip

one eighth gamer says:

That look nana gives is absolutely pure class

Peter Green says:

I tried to watch this but simply could not get in to It. There are certain shows that just left me cold.

Kevin Baird says:

This excellent series could never be set in a million years in any other country except England, the North of the country that is, superb everything.

Luka Kiero says:

Now, why the hell does this never get old?? The answer: It's GENIUS! The Royle Family is just pure, absolute genius. It's definitely one of the most HILARIOUS comedies I've ever seen in my life and will forever be a favourite sitcom of mine. Along with Bottom, The Young Ones, Peep Show, Men Behaving Badly and even Family Guy. I mean, seriously, what's not to love about this sitcom and this very scene? Oh yeah, AND Jim (Ricky Tomlinson) and Barbera (Sue Johnston)? Well, it's about the whole family, so I'd say they're ALL funny in their own unique ways!

Charlene Toland says:

My fav episode

DM87™️ says:

The outtakes of the scene are more funny than the scene

ryan dalley says:

I love how Cheryl is on a first date with someone and listening to that

oioisaveloy y says:

LMAO poor Dave 😂😂

Cheryl Stevens says:

The man with ginger hair is on the full monty film

jhwalsh93 says:

Absolutely brilliantly over acted

John Smith says:

The first two series were fantastic and ‘The Queen of Sheba’ was one of the best written, directed and acted pieces of British television. Towards the end though, The Royle Family became absolutely stupid.



Lord Debrick says:

Ricky plays the role perfectly because he is just like him! Love Nana, Liz Smith was perfection!

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