How to Make South Carolina Smoked Fresh Ham and Smashed Potato Salad

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Bryan shows Bridget how to make South Carolina Smoked Fresh Ham. Jack challenges Julia to a tasting of store-bought ham and Christie makes Smashed Potato Salad. Adam reveals his favorite potato masher.

Make our South Carolina Smoked Fresh Ham:
Make our Smashed Potato Salad:
Buy our winning potato masher:
Buy our winning whisk:

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Joe Momma says:

Dear America,

You're welcome!

Sincerely, South Carolina

redundantcow says:

You gals are so funny…like working with your best friend. While the show is informative and delicious 😀, it's a pleasure to listen to you both and well, everyone on the program.

james holt says:

I much prefer sliced over chopped…place SLICED PORK ON a hamburger bun with ..lettuce ..TOMATO..mayo….PICKLE SLICE…with a added dash of Texas PETE..MY FAVORITE ROAST PORK SANDWICH

james holt says:

It was said that a hog all ways lays down on its ride side..making the ham on right side tougher….don't know if this is true..but I did hear this

james holt says:

I love these girls….ITS A GREAT COOK SHOW…NOW..!

Angel Bulldog says:

Johnston Co., NC (home of Seymore Johnson AFB) is the deal for eastern NC BBQ, but I eat mustard-based sauce too. Barbecue is a big deal in the south and we all have our favorite.
The fresh ham brought Christmas memories. My mama never cooked a turkey. For holidays, it was mostly fresh ham. Thanks for a great episode.

Robyn Murphy says:

Brian is so fine 💜💚💛👑 if he ever comes to texas hmu

Kevin Hullinger says:

2nd time making this exact recipe. It’s the bomb 💣 especially when you can buy this cut for around 1.69 to 1.99 pound. around here in Indiana it’s called “half picnic”. This recipe is so simple and juicy delicious you don’t need any sauce whatsoever.

G Smith says:

I need this sandwich!

Paul Cooley says:

I make ham like this on my homemade somker and the skin turn out nice n i dont put the ham in the oven are u I rookie at smoking meat bro

Arthur Castle says:

Julia, please make that concerned face more often because it was fun!

Kevin Hullinger says:

I made your exact recipe Weber grill and all. All I can say is it’s the BOMB 💣. I’ve been smoking pork butts at home for about 25 years and it’s good however, Your recipe is perfection. The skin cracklings take it over the top. You can’t buy this bbq anywhere!!! I’ve tried them from a dozen states and nothing comes close. Well done 👍. I ate three sandwiches back to back. Incredible 👌

John Childress says:

sweet pickle?! you ruined the potato salad

SIson123 says:

What u call a potato masher is called in my household a bean masher it what I use to make my refried beans and the holes do o a better job then the wave.

Marie Shanahan says:

That was beautiful..😖👍

Rachel Sweets says:

Looks so good

Joseph Maza says:

I've never been a fan of potato salad, but after seeing your recipe, I just might like it! It would have to be me making it according to your recipe, of course!

Tender Sheep says:

What's different between sweet pickles and sweet relish?

LaSopRAWna says:

so ironic salting the pork leg with kosher salt.


Skip to 20:35 to hear about the "mashing action" of a generously sized pink utensil.

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