Lentil Lasagna

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A twist on a family favourite. In this video Michael takes the classic dinner table meal and transforms it in to lentil deliciousness!


Pavan Katepalli says:

love this guy

Jason Williams says:

Dude you're a cook after my oun heart. This looks so good and made with all my favorite ingredient, yet another gotta tries from your videos. Thank you

Raven Whitechapel says:

He seems to make the best food on YouTube but being a guy with a perfect body he doesn't understand that most of us are screaming out here because it's the way our grandmothers would make food they didn't worry about that ain't worried about salt didn't worry about sugar. But I love watching him and I love learning about food he has taught me that using brown rice with lentils I don't have to eat me or nearly as much paint I do like turkey bacon I may continue to eat that but I don't have to buy a lot of beef and a lot of pork and a lot of chicken even though I am a mediator I like the idea of a vegetarian because I feel lighter and I don't mean to be distasteful but let's just say it's a lot easier on my intestines that meat. Thank you handsome dude hmmm… you remind me so much of that dude who played in wrong turn the tall funny dude he was a handsome dude too… Thanks for being there.

Coko says:

I was hoping the lasagna would be easier than that :/ I do like the quick bechamel sauce though. Will try this!

Vim Raj says:

Its not lentil its sausage n lentil

Saint Hypster says:

Hi I love your channel. Can you write down the recipe please? I would love to try this

Umme Humayra says:

Thanks fr this wonderful idea of using lentils in lasagne …

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