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This thrifty Italian classic is a triumph of forgiveness when it comes to making the most of leftovers. Its name means reboiled – the intention being that it could be made in vast amounts, then reheated on subsequent days.

Here it’s not only a great vehicle for leftover cannellini beans, but also all manner of cooked and raw veg, and even a scrap of Parmesan rind.

In this exclusive new series for River Cottage Food Tube, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall offers nifty and creative ideas to transform leftovers into irresistible meals.

His new book, ‘Love your Leftovers’ is packed with practical advice for cooking on a weekly basis with leftovers in mind – helping to save money and avoid waste.

With recipes for transforming leftover meat into Chilli beef noodles, Stew enchiladas, Spicy chicken salad with peanut butter dressing; surplus root vegetables into Roast root hummus, Quick lentil and parsnip curry and Beetroot and caraway seed cake; and spare eggs into Hazelnut remoulade and easy Macarons, this is the ultimate companion for everyone’s kitchen.

Buy Hugh’s new book, Love your Leftovers: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/140886925X/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=140886925X&linkCode=as2&tag=bloomsbury-21


Jeremy Woods says:

the way I heard the 'reboil' name story is different. It's that you reboil it after you add in the bread, and is not about reheating the soup leftover. great recipe though!

blackiesun says:

Ribollita is how you spell it 😡

Alexandria Collins says:

The "Half the Garden" Soup Hugh made in one of the earlier seasons of River Cottage?

Pete w says:

That looks great!

Jita'ame suluma says:

With out the bread I would eat that, or replace the bread with a safe bread with no wheat

Tyrzi says:

Lovely unnecessary ball effect at 0:53. Did you forgot to add that 5 minutes text in the middle of the circle or is it on a wrong layer?

daipaulig says:

It looks stunning. Who wouldnt want a bow of that?

Clark Cant says:

Just made it and it's sooo tasty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

James Robbins says:

Finally I see someone using parmesan crust! Use it in stocks soups and stews it's amazing! When simmered in water with some onion scraps its a parmesan broth you can use for risotto or anything else. Just make sure you have enough crust. And once soft you can chop them up for texture! Way to go!

Alex says:

0:55 "The holy trinity of onions, carrots and celery" … Gotta love that

Pushon Bhattacharya says:

Can you use butter beans?

Marie Tweedy says:

River cottage, where is the lapel mic? I wanted so much to love this video and recipe, but the audio is awful (not meaning the culinary awful).

Robert Wall says:

What an incredible dish all made with leftovers!

Matteo Carmelita says:

it's spelled RIBOLLITA (2 ls and only 1t)

lalos says:

why you make such huge amount of food, so you always have leftovers? cut the portion, and you wull eat everything in on meal

ThisIsMyFullName says:

So many Italian classics where created on the basis of leftovers. It's a beautiful thing!

tiffbott41 says:

Minus the cheese this is perfect for anyone taking part in Go Vegan for November! 🙂 Looks gorgeous!! 🙂 xxx

Donal Skehan says:

You can't beat a good ribolitta and this one looks incredible!

muyc says:

i have a feeling the kale are not leftovers…. kalegate!

Marcus Kwame says:

Please bring back the Irish-inspired style background music and ditch the modern music !! It doesn't go well with the rustic, cozy visuals and feel of the video content. Just more cozy acoustic music in general would go better with the videos!

Thanks for the content!

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