vegan pepper cream seasoning for delicious pasta easy healthy 🍀VEGETARIAN FAMILY DIARY🍀

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pepper cream vegan seasoning for delicious pasta easy italian recipe
to prepare this dish very tasty, cheap and healthy we need only 2 peppers, the juice of half a lemon, an onion of extra virgin olive oil and two cloves of garlic, a little fresh parsley and a sprinkling of yeast flaked.
let’s cook the peppers in a pan with garlic and onion, when they are cooked, whisk until creamy and add the juice of half a lemon, let the pasta boil, let it melt and mix with the cream add the fresh parsley cut and sprinkle over the flake food yeast.
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Video maker: and editing Gianluca Lopez sommelier Ais
performer in the kitchen and voice: Loredana Fragapane
graduated from the IPSSAR hotel
school in Riccione.
specialization in pastry.
cook certificate

Il nostro canale nasce con l’obiettivo di dare un alternativa gustosa ed economica a quelle persone che vogliono eliminare o ridurre il consumo di carne.La nostra e’ una missione personale senza dare giudizzi o criminalizzare chi la pensa in modo diverso.Noi siamo impegnati su vari fronti sociali e anche se le nostre attivita’ passate ,presenti e future sono senza fine di lucro ,per poter avere una continuita’ e una crescita hanno bisogno di un sostegno economico.Ogni tipo di sostengo sara’ benvenuto e benedetto ,anche il costo di un caffe’! tante goccie insieme formano un fiume…
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Video maker: and editing Gianluca Lopez sommelier Ais
performer in the kitchen and voice: Loredana Fragapane
Diplomata IPSSAR Istituto
Albergiero di Riccione
Cuoca certificato di cucina
specializzazione pasticceria
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Vegetarian family diary says:

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Vegetarian family diary says:

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foolery says:

With 2 pepper and a few simple ingredients i impress my family this dish it's fresh and tasty and i change the cheese with the yeast flakes under your advice thats exstraordinary we likes that it's very tasty and cheaper and healthy thanks a lot 😄😄😄😄

Loon K. Do says:

You had me at peppers. That dish looked amazing! I just uploaded a healthy recipe video too!

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