Action Bronson Makes Hawaiian Poke

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Way back in December of 2014, we took a little trip to Hawaii with Action Bronson.

Action was a guest of RVCA at their house on the North Shore to witness the Pipeline Masters surfing competition, and he curated a little barbecue for a group of surfers as well as played a show in Honolulu. In between all the rapping, grilling, and surfing, we made it to Kahuku Superette, the finest purveyor of poke on Oahu. It was a life-changing moment for Action, and its effects are still felt nine months later. With a slight lull in touring for Mr. Wonderful, Action decided to whip up some poke of his own, as well as a vegan version with golden beets that’s so good, everyone who eats it will want to proclaim you king for the day. We hope you find this video as entertaining and useful as our trip was for us. Enjoy.

Get the recipe for Action’s Poke:

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JDMCrave says:

Goddamn 17.99 for a bowl. Woah lol

Willz __ says:

Tired of seeing this guys name.

Picard FTW says:


Örn Þor Marcelosön says:

What's the title of the song starting at 8:18 ?

Billison Haskie says:

For some strange reason I would pay to smoke and cook with this gentlemen…. He seems cool af… Definite subscribed to his videos….

Liam Duff says:

This moron is embarrassing.. stop acting

Jameson Oof says:

Ramsay swear a lot
(This man) hold my mother fuckin beer

Edward P says:

Seeing this on recommended has brought peace during quarantine

pauliethehead says:

"So I was at the farmers market this morning, high outta my mind" – Action

Joseph Thaete says:

This Albanian boy is hard af

Theodore Pullins says:


Don Ricco says:

Now we know who has been eating all the poke

Johnny Woldemichael says:

Please do some stand up you are soo funny you can put so many smiles on faces keep up the good work action mad love my G

Logan says:

bro the getting ready to go on stage montage at the end mad my fuckin day, you make fkn delicious looking food too

Mike Vall says:

Why the Indian music a 3:09

LouDMouF 92 says:

Are we gonna ignore he ordered “poke balls”?

Carter Nissen says:

do anything specific to the golden beets before using them in the recipe?

Jtone Philthy says:

9:03 that foot work tho!!! 🔥

Bren _ says:

definitely did not invent beet poke

Manner 707 says:

What do beets taste like? Dirt, just dirt.

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