How to make traditional pain perdu (classic French toast recipe)

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This video tutorial will teach you the ‘real’ way to make traditional French style #painperdu. Pain perdu is a very old recipe, better known now in most corners of the world as “French toast”. Pain perdu literally means “lost bread”. It harks back to more frugal times where every morsel of food was used/re-used. Stale or left over bread cuts (a precious commodity a few hundred years ago) were refashioned into a delicious treat.

The big difference between the pain perdu recipe and the ‘modern’ version of French toast is that pain perdu maintains the separation of key ingredients (milk, eggs and sugar). Whereas French toast mixes everything together with additional flavors added like vanilla and cinnamon.

My promise to you is this traditional pain perdu method will yield a crispier, crunchier taste and texture.


1 French style baguette (cut in slices)
300 ml of full cream milk
2 whole eggs (ideally free range/organic)
50 grams or more of plain butter (to cook the bread slices)
50 grams or more of granulated white sugar (add as much as you want)
2 pinches of salt (one for the milk and one for the beaten eggs)


Karmy C. says:

Thanks for the traditional recipe! This italian girl will make it soon!

tue hanh han says:

Oh I love pain perdu yummy !!! Thanks

darya225 says:

ok. I was not hungry when I started this video. I was very happy to go to sleep. Now! I have to eat. Thank you.

Erika Ninke says:

I love it. my mom used to do that in Mexico, you make me remind my childhood. merci.

Kristina Hamill says:

Best french toast ever! My daughter hates American style french toast, but she Loves this! Thank you!!

Keren C says:

Thanks a lot for this recipe! I kinda dislike white bread for french toast coz its a bit mushy and I prefer a lot more texture 😊

Bobby Digital says:

Hi Stephane, how are you my friend? Stephane you know I love what you do but my friend this is so boring!!! Why not after showing us these simple classic methods, why not do another more exciting version of the recipe? This pan Purdue is great but very very plain and boring! I mean they're isn't any vanilla or sugar… Nothing! Why not put some zest from an orange or put some raisins in Grand Marnier… make more exciting and flavorful!!? Anyways we love you Stephane.. Thank you 🙂

attikus881 says:

Merci! Wonderful video…quick and to-the-point and great little French cooking lesson! Really enjoy your videos! Can't wait to try! I watched it before but just now have a semi-stale baquette. ❤️😃

anastasia46 says:

I have always had problems making french toast. always came out soggy, too sweet, tasteless, limp, under cooked, over cooked, awful texture… just a horrible mess and always a total failure. This is the BEST french toast recipe ever !!! I made it and it is so simple and sooo good. Thank you for this !!!! C'est top !!

LeRoiLa Reine says:

I would use the cheese instead of sugar ? I do not like sugar at all. May I do that?

Robert Schaffer says:

Thank you for educating us to the traditional method. Been making 'french toast' since childhood. The separation of egg and milk is brilliant…. Creating the eggy crust and fully saturated fluffy texture is rather unfeasible.
When milk and eggs are combined the inner texture often becomes too 'eggy'
From here you could have two different flavor profiles by seasoning the egg and milk separately.
Vanilla added to milk and cinnamon to egg would be a popular choice.

Anju Nath says:

Please make some vegetarian French recepies without eggs and meat! Please and do suggest alternative for egg in this recepie. Love from India !

Anju Nath says:

Any alternative for egg please! Do suggest

Chirag Pradhan says:

I had tried this recipe with a slice bread but today I tried it with a stale baguette.. and it was just another level. Absolutely yummy! Thanks for sharing Chef 🙏🏼

vidyuth arni says:

Love ur simple touch to Malik great delicious recipes. Was wondering when u were going to add the sugar, surprise surprise!!

Andrea Idsardi says:

i was horrified when you were holding the brioche bread

Dragan Ostojić says:


burgeul fassal says:

papa, où t'es

anhibitor says:

Hi Stephane, I absolutely love it when you incorporate a bit of French history behind certain recipes in your videos, like in this one. This makes your videos more interesting and helps them stand out, instead of just being about following a procedure like most other channels. Now I can understand much more about French culture and cuisine. Thanks chef!

Gsr Badell says:

Vraiment, moi j ai apprécié ce que vous faites.

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