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Happy Monday everyone! He’s a great way to start the day and start the week. Toasted Oats, Mango, Blueberries & Yoghurt from my new book : Oats fill us up and act as a slow-burning fuel plus they are high in fibre and the minerals phosphorus and magnesium keeping our bones strong and healthy.

This is my latest video from my new Daily Jamie Vlog. I’ll be posting a video everyday for the next few weeks about whatever I’m up to and giving you loads of great foodie thoughts, ideas and fun too. I’d love to hear what you think about this new style in the comments box below and the kind of stuff you want to see. Make sure you subscribe to get the latest videos when they go live.

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Jamie O


Hey guys! Thank you to each and every one of you who has fairly commented about nutritional claims made in this vid. We’re so sorry for confusing you all and really do thank you for your diligence. We strive to be the leading authority on food education and so have got the best advice from our top nutritionists to clear it all up:

*As bananas ripen the starch turns to sugar, so the sugar content increases. Therefore when eating bananas, the riper they are the sweeter they will taste. Eating bananas before they become over-ripe means you will be consuming less sugar than if they were slightly more ripe, however it’s important to remember it is still all natural sugar. Freezing fruits and vegetables before they become over-ripe is a good tip to helping them last longer.

**Blueberries are high in Vitamin C for immune health and cell protection which helps to prevent the onset of life threatening diseases.

For more nutrition info, click here:

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Sara says:

I prepare them your way daily 🙏 thanks !

Joshua Kuiper says:

The €10 breakfast recipe

Jay J says:

Except for eating green bananas. Who eat's those? They are disgusting.(Also don't really love raw oatmeal–but muesli is really a thing).

Teodora Jordan says:

Te amo! Eres increíble !!

Arun Seigell says:

Wrong about the banana.Under ripe may have less sweetness but have lots of starch(which converts to sugar in ripening)so eat RIPE BANANAS &NOT RAW ONES

babitha singh says:

A ripe banana has more nutritional benefits.unrefined sugar is better than refined. The key to a healthy lifestyle is…Balance

N Avedian says:


T L C says:

Looks fab … food porn 😆 Oats far to high in Lectins for my poor gut 😲

anna bell says:

3 minutes? Only if you food prepped toasted oats and stewed blueberries and possibly mango on the weekend. Otherwise this is a 30 minute faffing about the kitchen. Take it from someone who was forced to cook for a family since she was 6 years old and knows her way around the kitchen and most recipes. Jamie has a good palate and good recipes but his utterly unrealistic macho BS in the kitchen is coming from his privilege to never have had to feed the entire family, three meals a day, every day for decades, with scarcely any thanks at all, in addition to a real job and all the housework (otherwise known as male privilege and ignorance of what women’s lives are really like). He should get some respect toward all the hardworking domestic cooks and at least be honest and realistic about the time and effort involved in his recipes, which is always considerable. I have never seen a recipe of his that was truly simple and quick, he should just give up the pretence.
Oh, and ps. advising people to eat unripe fruit in order to lose weight is not just ridiculous, it’s disrespectful and harmful. If someone wants to decrease the amount of sugar, they shouldn’t eat a breakfast that’s as loaded with carbs as this one. Try a vegetable omelette instead, ffs. Jamie is only getting more entitled, unreletable and annoying as years go by.

Jchathe says:

High carb, not good for the insulin resistant, sorry

Splaticus Blah says:

Damn I left my rosewater at the office.

world citizen G says:

I prefer my blueberries raw, with nothing added, it's good by itself, nature's candy! the coconut + oat + yogurt = good, maybe a little dry

Maya A says:

Tbh I don’t agree with the banana thing.

Bananas are nutrition when ripe and unripe, there’s no difference.

Unripe bananas are high in resistant starch.
Ripe bananas don’t really have much resistant starch but is more digestible.

Also not to be rude but that nutritionist in the background seems like she doesn’t really know much.

A Gallagher says:

So it's basically dry Oats with jam n yoghurt

Dmac 740 says:

Oats not a big fan there ok .

Earl says:

Parfait. That’s what you made.

Anna Pankowska says:

Loved this!

Tokatt says:

God bless this man. I just made it and just the smell alone is awesome

Shoeb Md says:

Wonder what would happen to the planet earth without jamie.

Daisy Cocoa says:

I wanted to see him eat this uncooked meal. Must taste terrible.

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