Quorn Sheperds Pie | Vegetarian Recipe

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Quorn sheperds pie, is traditionally cooked with mince meat, if you are a vegetarian, this quorn sheperds pie recipe has to be for you.

This vegetarian recipe, can be made without the spice we show and use in our sheperds pie.

It can be difficult for some vegetarian eaters to be limited to some foods.

I can assure you this quorn mince recipe is superb.


Laura Williams says:

No ‘Shepherds’ (made with lamb..) / Cottage (Which I believe you’re attempting to make here, Cottage is made with beef mince & since Quorn is a mince substitute I’m guessing that’s what you’re going for?) pie I’ve ever eaten or seen recipes for contain curry spices / blends & cassia bark (have tried it twice in dishes & it ruins it in my opinion!)
Traditional cottage pie is ‘meat’, peas / carrots / onion / stock cube (veggie), Worcestershire sauce, a dollop of tomato purée, topped with mash & cheese.
Title is a bit misleading.. maybe it should be ‘My take on a cottage pie’?

kishori malvi says:

Is the cheddar cheese vegetarian?

Josh Fourtysix says:

Great recipe – HOWEVER – tomatoes and potatoes are loaded with Lectins (Very inflammatory) – change the tomatoes and potatoes and its healthy. Quorm is great

Cindy - lee Van Vuuren says:

Great recipe, love your channel. big thumbs up :- )

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