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This warming and hearty chilli recipe is the perfect healthy feast to share with friends and family. Full of vegetables and packed with flavour, spice and colour it’s a great way to start your healthier 2015.

This January Food Tube,, Jamie Magazine and Jamie’s Instagram are giving you 10 Meals to Kick-Start a Healthier 2015 for free. Great tasting dishes which are good for you, easy to make and won’t break the bank. It’s not a diet, it’s not a meal plan, just a tool kit of recipes to use in your life whenever it suits you. All healthy recipes have been developed and tested by Jamie’s food team and approved by his qualified nutritionists.

This recipe:

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V – This is a Vegetarian recipe


Food Market/Mercado orgánico: Sabe la Tierra
Cook/Cocinera: Felicitas Pizarro
Director-Video Recorder-Editor/-Cámara-Edición: Delfina Schoch


marina gonzales says:


Fernando Castiñeira says:


Mimi Beloved says:

Delicious, this is my goto for chili, simple recipe to follow and so very tasty 😋

Denise Jones says:

Love from Italy!

Denise Jones says:

I'm eating it right now and IT'S SO GOOD

Mika Dimple says:

I’ve made this twice now and it always comes out too watery. It’s nothing a tiny pinch of flour cannon fix, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong with the recipe. Does anybody else have this problem?

Jose Carlos Vila Munoz says:

Texmex food.

Sooze Kuzyk says:

I'm looking for the video of:

Summer Veg

Jamie Oliver presents a step-by-step guide to making a summer vegetable lasagne, Tuscan tomato salad and quick mango frozen yoghurt in baby cornets.

Vilhelm Hammershoi says:

The dish is called picadillo, not chile, nor chilli. She should now better.

VonLilac vs The World says:

omfg she's so cute!

Dayal says:

you can use quinoa instead of naxos also

Wonder Momsi says:

The herb was cilantro not coriander…

Rohit Rao says:

The way you look and your accent :O I have a new crush that knows to cook too! 😀 Loved it! 🙂

toffee BlueBerry says:

I'm gonna turn veggi

Joe Turner says:

How can you be veggie in Argentina?

Martin Baunatal says:

nice, but not vegan

John Dough says:

A note on the measurements: Felicitas says tablespoons but the recipe says teaspoons of the spices. Can you clarify?

Laura Bryant says:

GOODNESS ME!!! I just made this for my wife (a vegetarian) and myself and it's ridiculously delicious. So simple, so good, so exciting. Thank you very much for posting this

Ichigo Neko says:

She is someone that love cooking and loves what she does

Stilo Boss says:

going to try this 2 years later

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