Which FAST FOOD chain has the BEST VEGAN BURGER? (Plant-Based Impossible Vs Beyond) | Fung Bros

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Impossible Beef, Beyond Meat, Plant Based… you’ve seen the trend. Now it’s time to find out if it can beat Real Meat…

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Opp Boy Putt says:

Yo bruv where Nelson at?

Allen Fepuleai says:

The story about the guy who maxed out his credit card on fast food had me laughing.

j c says:

shake shack shroom burger is hella good no cap

Don Alberto says:

Try the A&W plant base

kenchan529 says:

yo no soc distancing???? and FYI the shroom burger needs to be hot cuz the cheese is supposed to be melty when u eat it fresh

Fa Tee says:

For some reason the Hardees beyond famous star tastes way better than the carl's jr one. The impossible is the go to tho. Consistent and whoppery.

edward Hwang says:

Vegan diet is the best. Healthy and save the planet.

Han Vu says:

Y’ll are funny, quick-whitted and informative! Thanks for the overview~

chely M says:

Views on the road brought me here lol

Bani Niba says:

Physical distancing….do it..

Squishy says:

I just want to say that if you plan on eating impossible or beyond burger, please eat it with caution if it's your first time because not everyones body can tolerate 1 or more of the 20+ ingredients used to make these burgers. There are many people who have ate them and end up getting nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and etc. People report them on websites like this :



For straight men, do note that impossible meat contains 44 grams of estrogen, it is equivalent to that of a birth control pill and estrogen is a female hormone. It is not something that should be eaten too much on a regular basis or it will cause gynecomastia(male breast growth) and it also makes you become more feminine.

Just want to get that out there since the risks wasn't mentioned in the video so people know what might possibly happen if they do eat it.

olivia twyst says:

They trying to kill our asses with that beverage, let me have my damn beef 😑

EY Live says:

Plant-based burgers aren't necessarily healthier. Usually, they are loaded with salt to make up the taste difference.

Phantom Thief Irwin says:

I'm very much down to eating more vegetarian/vegan burgers, but when the overall cost comes down. I feel like THATS the biggest barrier to entry when it comes to these things atm.
It's hard to convince someone to change diets when the new diet is gonna be 2/3 times more then what theyre used to. That's just my 2c.

Lawomenshoops says:

None of the plant based burgers you had are vegan! They all had either mayo or cheese.

Jane Doe says:

When tf did Umami get that expensive wtff

Empressofme says:

Thank you for the fake meat show. Stopped eating commercially farmed meat b/c of animal cruelty & sustainable food issues. Invested in Beyond Meat cause I got tired of all the soy based fake meats. Curious about your rating for Carl's Beyond Burger. ? out of 5? Beyond also partnered with KFC & their fake fried chicken sold out in a couple of hours. https://www.kfc.com/beyond. Love your show!!

Kookie King Krow the Mexicano Celt says:

I am not vegan, but some vegan foods are delich.

Monique Tran says:

Thanks for the review guys! 🤗

GiGi - Cute and Chic Life says:

Ohh you guys can try the vegan tacos or burritos from Del Taco with the beyond meat!! Those are delicious 😀

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