ASPARAGUS QUICHE Recipe ~ A Good Basic Quiche

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Asparagus Quiche and a fresh green side salad for
supper. Great asparagus flavor with a flaky crust.

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I have always loved to cook. Just my husband and I for over
30 years.
Wanted to share my kitchen with you and hope you enjoy
some recipes I cook and have created over the years.

Lets have some fun with cooking to soothe the soul.
Today is the time to enjoy a piece of yesterday for

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pedoflores says:

I made this recipe twice this year! Flawless! I used buttermilk the second time! Thanks!

Matt Sandell says:

soooooo slow! We can follow just fine, so speed it up

Connie Mills says:

This video is painfully slow. You need some help producing a video that people will actually watch

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