Crispy French Potato Cake Recipe!

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This classic French side dish is made simply by piling up thinly sliced potatoes with lots of butter. Once you’ve tried this, you’ll never look at the humble spud the same way again! Get the recipe here:

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D says:

That does not appear to be a cast iron pan. It looks like a steel pan. Please say what kind of pan it is, thanks.

world game world game says:

You done it well . Boy

Cristina Isaac says:

We do not have those potatoes in Australia!

misky Loo says:

Don't really like it when at the end people say go to my website

Laurie Greenhow says:

I am going to try this for tonight’s supper , thanks very much

Genevieve Pineda says:

Looks yummy!

Antonio Hernández says:

I love it when he says: "Who doesn't love a golden bottom in the kitchen?" 😏

Jean santangin says:

The frenchies are the best in the world …

Флёра Шакирова says:

Я готовила. Потрясающе!!!



Andrew Jefferson says:

are those pans not carbon steel?

DavePa little says:

Spare me a "twist" on a classic.

Manuel says:

Pro Tip: Make it in a Muffin Tray and serve as entre

A A says:

why he has too much facial movement and action .

Palma Pechy says:

I like your sense of humour. I will prepare this dish for daddy. Thanks. I wills surprise him with your potato dishes.

Nathan Cooper says:

Course mount hungry fill intervention automatic hunt measure.

Kyz Kyz says:

Way to much effort

Big Mo says:

Thats not a cast iron pan. It is a carbon steel pan. Due to the mass of Cast iron, it will heat up slower and alter the cooking time.

Dean Constantine says:


Geraldine Emalada Maghanoy says:

Wow, yummy. It's my next stop to cook. Thanks for sharing, Sir D😄.

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