How to Make Italian Comfort Classics Like Pane Francese and Chicken Vesuvio

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In this episode, Julia and Bridget uncover the secrets to making the perfect Pane Francese at home and test cook Erin McMurrer makes Bridget a foolproof recipe for an Italian classic: Chicken Vesuvio.

Get the recipe for Pane Francese:
Get the recipe for Chicken Vesuvio:
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Orionsbelt says:

i did it and it came out awful. it didn't rise in the oven and was dense.

schwarty6 says:

I mean, it looks good, but there are far too many specialty items I definitely don't own for this to be a realistic bread recipe for the average home cook

Lorraine Smith says:

Yummy bread delicious 👍

dgmwitz says:

The intro song slaps so hard

Km Mk says:

I'm going to keep saying it until you hear me: why cover a bowl with plastic wrap when you can cover it with a clean plate???

StarhawkRanger says:

The bread looked great, but your Chicken Vesuvio was not the Chicken Vesuvio I've eaten many times at a local Italian restaurant. The dish they served here is bite sized white meat chicken(no skin) with potatoes in a white cheese wine sauce. Any idea what region this version of the dish is from?

Michele B says:

Never heard of this chicken dish but it looks wonderful. And definitely time to make pane franscese to mop up that sauce. Thanks ATK!

Lucia LG says:

thank you for the authentic bread recipe, the ladies are lovely to watch

gabriella fiabane says:

you can t make italian bread with american flour Ciao

gabriella fiabane says:

this is not italian buuuuuuu

Melody Panek says:

Wow, that chicken looks amazing!

Chris O'Neill says:

Hello – love it all. Thank you!

Andrew Campbell says:

After seeing this, I’m confused how bread is so cheap!

Alan von Au***** says:

14:42 I was so impressed with Bridget's saying "brava" (feminine singular form of the adjective) to Julia. So, bravissime, Bridget and Julia, for having made those two gorgeous, artisanal pani francesi 👍👍👏! Well, what more can I say, the "umami duo" of the ATK are both knowledgeable and entertaining. 20:31 Mama mia, molto aglio per questo piatto! Beautiful chicken dish ❤️!

xoxo2008oxox says:

Good luck getting dry yeast! OMG… I wanted to do this and all the stores near me are OUT. Even have limit (1) bag flour to customers now. Seriously, is someone scaring people on Facebook to buy up TP, Water, flour, yeast? Edit: I looked online (e.g. Kingarthurflour, etc) and all are out of stock, back ordered or some scary-named brands I do not trust.

avalon449 says:

I was under the stupid impression that this vid would show people how to make bread during the stay at home pandemic order BUT all kind of stuff needed that probably no one has……….you guys have lost touch with your audience.

Emil B says:

i’m not sure if this is a bread baking recipe or a shopping list for baking tools 🤣

DJ London says:

This is hysterical! I love you but I can't stop laughing! Like anyone in their right mind is going to do this. Thank you for cheering us all up during the lockdown. xxx

Franky of Brodway says:

The beauty of these recipes has always been that they have felt attainable to the regular cook. I don't feel like that's the case here. 10 or 15 dollars for a linen just for bread may not seem like a lot to them, but to me that is a meal for my kids. I can't do it. Remember please ladies who your audience is.

sylvia seri says:

I love bread and this does look delicious, but way too many steps and too many hours to create. I’ll go with the other bread bakers on Youtube that create a loaf quickly. I have tried those others and they are very delicious too with much less work.

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