sangram chougule and murali kumar comparison at jerai classics 2015

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final comparison between sangram chougule and murali kumar for overall title of jerai classsics 2015 !!


Ruby Khan says:

Murali kumar best body

Sourav Bhandari says:

Sangram had insane upper body, back and abs.. Whereas murali's legs were better than Sangram.

But overall : Sangram nailed it.. Specially with abs + back

Ashok Kumar says:

They are good

Adityan Anilkumar says:

Murali beyond his comparision…like for murali…

rajshekar mane says:

Sangram best body

Pakistan with Farhan Ali says:

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2,000 subscribers with a without a video Plz says:

I thought this was a video game or an animated video or something..

Vijay Singh says:

POWDER ka kamal😂😂
Bhaiyo yeh body koi kam ki nahi h
Inki iss body ki wajah se bahut problem hogi inko


മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ?? Like അടിച്ചിട്ട് പൊക്കോ

Devil VAZU says:

പീഡനവീരൻ മുരളി

begari krishna says:

Orey m thintaraa miru


Sangram win

999 00 says:


Igor says:

Do que adianta tanto músculo e não ter o que as mulheres gostão

Hind Sena says:

Fuking steroids


Kya chutiya panti h

Macingwane KaJama says:

What happens to your penis when you're a bodybuilder🤣🤣🤣

daniel peter says:

awesome all are

Diehard Patriot says:

Indian guys are incredible. They can surely win Miss Olympia

Sacchin Pattil says:

Solid dada ekdam lai bhari

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