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Casserole rules! Celery gratin is a delicious, low-carb dish for cold winter evenings.
It is prepared in two variants, for vegetarians and carnivores 🙂

Also, during the holidays, Gabby’s kitchen is hosted by mum’s kitchen in South Tyrol / Italy.
This opportunity is seized to explore some more traditional recipes, whose yummy-ness stood the test of time!





Kimberly Bola says:

Omg looks yummy

King Jangad says:

mukhang masarap to

Madel Pettersen says:

Looks very delicios lalabs hmm

MJ VLOG says:

Look delicious and perfect for dinner

Dedel Hines says:

Another good recipe to try to bake. It seems so yummy tempting to bake. So I can taste how yummy is this.

Juls Puzon's Vlog says:

it looks yummy #aimeealadtv

margareth asher says:

great recipe bcoz its low carbs

Celine Yoo says:

Wow celery gratin so delicious healthy lifestyle jud si ate Gabie!

Da XiGa Brothers & Family says:

ang sarap naman niyan

Emmanuel Bacena says:

Napakasarap naman nyan, makapagluto nga din ng ganyan

Proud NorskPinay says:

whattaa cozyyy dinner plus yummy delish foodd

joephet lomanta says:

ang sarap na man

kordap yah says:

Wow I'll try to do that I have idea now

Gandang Cherry says:

nabusog ako sa tingin, sobrang sarap naman po nyan

BaN haW vlogs says:

Ay wow yummy

LoopBack Productions says:

I love putting celery in my soup but never considered making a gratin with it.

Hanah's Journey says:

i like your videos mam.hugs and kisses

Perlie Bacolcol Velasquez says:

Happy new year.. Stay connected.. See u

Jazlyn vlog says:

Wow Ang sarap na man nyan lakas ma kagutum pahingi na man hahaha na lagyan ko na po Ng sos Ang pag kain nuy Sana kayu din po ma ka dalaw sa kusina ko pag my time at ma kikain na rin

Nora Bin Dayel says:

sharaaaap naman yan sis pinge ako nagutom ako sa kakanood hehehe

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