Mushroom Soup | Sage™ By Heston Blumenthal

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Chef extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal presents this simple but extremely tasty mushroom soup recipe using the Sage™ Boss™ Blender. This recipe delivers a hearty soup guaranteed to warm the senses.

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10 g Shitake Mushrooms
10 g Porcini Mushrooms
160 g Unsalted Butter
800 g Button Mushrooms
2 Onions
1 Small Potato
2 leeks
1 1/2 kg Vegetable Stock
50 g Dry White Vermouth


Mahmoud fekry says:

Vermouth really good chef

Γιωργος Χρυσιδης says:

The leeks????

Arif says:

I like how the title was changed from "Heston's famous mushroom soup" to just "Mushroom soup".

Tony Lohrey says:

Heston, I made your soup and was blown away by its flavour, texture, and frankly, ease of preparation. This soup Sir belongs in space for Astronauts to eat as comfort food.

Benedict Hartono says:

It was all good but one, pls work on your mic. I can hear you loud and clear and then 5 seconds later you're fading away.

DeeLee says:

this is wack

cousinguitar st says:


Tumbadoraable says:

1½ KG vegetable stock …..are you serious ?….in cooking liquid is measured by volume… or ml, dl or litres….Love your glasses…

Mohamed Abu says:

Don't know if he was promoting mushrooms or his face

pykkervots says:

I assume Shitake mushrooms are industrially grown now, most of the ake taken out

S S says:

A very scary sterile environment Heston!! As if you are in a morgue

Rishabh Sharma says:

Once Craig Daniel told me …How to be "Craig Daniel"….i simply asked About MI6….SO are you…I dont wont to be MASTERCHEF australia….moron….😂😂😂😂

Plummet says:

umami is a bullshit made up word though

Flor Martha S.Ferreira says:

Maybe you could sift the soup before you put it in the blender, so you would blush the solids with some of the liquid and I think this method makes a lot of it, and it's easier to handle the hot soup. This is a tip from Julia Child.

Levi Gudiño says:

Second 0:28 Gordon Ramsay my friends.

morgan says:

i was waiting for him to tell the story of when the blender saved his life in a house fire

Alman Gihad says:

does anyone else notice that he talkes exactly like gordon?

Kis Jorgensen says:

I've seen a test of the cooking pots he is using, and they are expensive and shit, he would burn his fingers if he didn't cover the handles, and they heat unevenly.

Gordon Boyle says:

Looks shite

Gordon Boyle says:

What a fukn retard ffs lol

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