Steak and Kidney Pudding – Recipes from Sophie Grigson

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A classic British, savoury pudding recipe with Steak and Kidney – watch the video for step-by-step instructions or Make a great British classic with Sophie Grigson.


george says:

Sophies big fat tits

graham bird says:

my 1961 edition of the GEC cookbook details exactly the same method of wrapping pieces of kidney in beef strips.

manty button says:

why do none of these "cookery experts" ever show the finished item?

Hannible100 says:

I remember when this Lady was quite trim maybe she has eaten too many Steak and Kidney Puddings LOL? 

Alan Williams says:

A ring should never be worn when working with food.

H Jones says:

It helps to prep the ox kidney a day in advance, by chopping them up into small pieces and soaking them in water and lots of salt (in the fridge), then draining them the next day — unless you like the taste of cow urea.

bluewingtip says:

In the US, we don't understand all about your cooking methods/techniques. Can you show us the first step of making the pastry and the last step(s) of the finished product. I would like to try this but I don't feel confident with what all you've given us thus far. You're almost there but not quite. By the way, for all your British people, I found my way here by searching for pudding basin recipes inspired by the Gracie Fields' song Little Pudding Basin. I love your Gracie. I'd like to try this!

bill till says:

@HopeJamerson it helps stop the kidney becoming over cooked ,,but she didnt do it the right way

Berda Dan says:

I am Native American (Navajo tribe) and I never had or seen this dish and I would have loved to have seen the finished product. It does look like a dish my husband would enjoy but the cooking time is really long but I might give it a try. I have made roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips and some other English dishes.

Ion McKinney says:

"Cooking Channel"


Hollands make the best!!

jcfbell3001 says:

she's quite fine – and her pie is quite handsome – any naysayers will have my broadsword in response

The Butcher says:

Bloody hell show the finished product! J/k im not British, but I wanted to see the finished dish. 🙁

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