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My top 3 Asian noodle soup recipes. Thai Beef Noodle Soup…that noodle soup street food classic. Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle Soup. And finally, a Thai Tom Yum Noodle Soup.

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.


Ranu Jati Chanel says:

Wow mantab gays top 3 asian noode soups like salam sukses n suport ful 🙏🙏🙏👍🤝

Vérane Ruiz says:


Awesome Wells says:

it wld be nice if u said how much of each ingredient to use…

rose says:

new to your channel, i love your vibe(:

Sugaplumbeautyxo says:

My mouth is watering 😍😍

Antonina Trzaskoma says:

Would it be ok to use tofu instead of pork in second recipe ? I want to adapt it for my vegetarian friend so we would both enjoy that amazing taste ❤️

Tom Sparks says:

Thank you for this variety. Shouldn't hard boil miso paste — it kills the cultures. In the states you can often find galangal in the freezer section of Asian markets. I freeze my kaffir lime leaves as well as lemon grass, but this year I started growing it in a container. I love Tom Yum and other Thai Toms.

Morris Rowe says:

I love the natural lips today too. But the slurping is mu rder in earbuds!!! Lol

Morris Rowe says:

I love your food. Thank you so much. I love that you attract asian people who make suggestions from home. This is officially my favorite food channel. You have displaced Gordon F-ing Ramsay.

igo0di says:

Wish that was my wife

Skh 91 says:

You must try make a mie ayam the noodle soup from indonesia.. i hope to respon it..

celia linatocr says:

I love it but I think they are too spicy.


I’ve always been curious…what cuts are the Asian beef meatballs made from?

Ganga Karunaratne says:

when i see your Thai wonthon soup i feel like fly and come to your kitchen.. your recipes are amazing…if i dont have kafir lime leaves what will be the substitute to that??

Allen Han says:

I always taste my food in front of my friends after cooking and also comment how great it smells and taste.

In reality, I know I made the mistake but don't want to admit it in front of them.

Vee Veevee says:

You're purely amazing 😍 I will tag you on IG when I make that Thai noodles soup 🙌🏽 thanks for the recipe 😁

Ananda sokolski says:

I love all kind Asian soup Noodles and your recepies is looks so Yummy 😋

lingo starr says:

let's be real. shoryu ramen. pho. cambodian beef stew with noodles

Rahma Mustafa says:

I can feel your passion towards cooking, and how you show love to your ingredients ❤
U've got a new subscriber who'll try these funtastic soups, WOW👍🌺

Bobbi Webley says:

I’d love to see you do. Coconut chicken curry noodle soup!!! My favourite Thai restaurant makes a soup that’s almost reminiscent of the Penang curry but in a soup!!. So good!!

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