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This is a paid ad by Patak’s
This super simple 5 ingredient curry uses delicate white fish and tomatoes to create a gorgeous mid week meal that all the family will enjoy. Using the new Patak’s Paste Pots this dish couldn’t be easier, for more information on the range click: http://jamieol.com/PataksFishCurry

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Zaid S says:

I made this yesterday all these comments are a lie, i don't know how they praising this dish so naturally i decided to make it was so yucky had to throw this curry away

Pilot3494 says:

This is an Amazing combo! We made it and came out extremely good! We did not had the paste that you added! But managed with red chilli paste mixed with turmeric and coriander powder ! Thank you Jamie Olivier! 1000 likes for you!

elliott worthington says:

I've made this curry a few times and it really is great. Brilliant simple recipe

Tarot PR says:

Lime pickle I ussed to eat separate, is not a seasoning.

Dare2DefeatDiabetesGirl says:

That looks good, please check out my recipe which I will be posting soon!

Midhun C says:

Slight inclination towards Kerala fish curry. Rice + pappadoms😋😋

emigrate says:

Stop making curry this is England! Your English you came froma locality that voted Brexit as they thought immigration were taking over and that the Englsih way of life were being dissolved!. No cha nah Bla. go make the Boil Beef and Onion white Boi!

Andrew Kasper says:

Now you don't HAVE to blister your tomatoes.. BUT IT HELPS…

Kats21r says:

Where can i find the receipe of this video?

emigrate says:

This man should have been named Jamiestan, Alibhai-iver. Hes always making Indian or Asian food! If I want Indian food I would ask an Indian to make it. Funny you steal all your recipies from Indian males, but then you have never had one in your Sarfend Cafe, or your presentations. But when you need a rcipeie its I will got to Raj, Kuldeep, Abdul.

Noemi Alvarez says:

Muero por tus recetas. Son una locura…explosión de sabores en la boca. Me cuesta traducir tus videos al español. Muchísimas gracias por los videos..eres el mejor

Tamara Hunt says:

Love jamie but his recipe is bad on this one, the lime pickle quantity is wayyy too much and I went out and got the actual Pataks stuff. It turned my face inside out. Maybe try a small teaspoon and give it a taste see if you want to add more, otherwise it is very tasty but TOO MUCH LIME

Mo Mo says:

Rice noodles would go decent with that too.


Making this right now!


Hi Jamie please could you inform me on where you purchased the lovely bowls, make and model no cheers.

MrMarvel1991 says:

What can I use instead of the lime pickle?

Nick Stevenson says:

I love making this, oh and I bought the book. It’s brilliant.

sol10 says:

Sure Jamie, who doesn't casually have korma paste, coconut milk and lime pickle in their pantry


Whats the fish ?

jpmact says:

This doesn't really work in other countries where we can't buy Patak products.

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