Tour of my Prepper Pantry

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Tour of my Prepper Pantry “29” as seen on “Alaska Prepper”.
Standard Shelf:
Can Rotator:
The Big Shelf:
Bulk Mountain House:–viVTjvhG8
My Caning Videos:
Prepper Pantry Follow up:

Mountain House 14 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit:

Canning supplies that I use:
All American Canner:
Canning Kit:
Electric Kettle:
Water Filter:
Blackstone Griddle:
Bayou Classic Burner:
Mix N Chop:
FoodSaver V4440:

Solar Power Parts:
– Magnum Inverter:
– Magnum PT-100 Charge Controller:
– ME-ARTR Router:
– Magnum Battery Monitor Kit:
– Trojan Battery:
– Midnite Solar Combiner Box:
– Midnight solar surge protection (115):
– Midnight solar surge protection (300):
– Generator power cord:
– Power Inlet Box:
– Generac Manual Transfer:
– A510C Pro/Tran2 Manual Transfer Switch:
– Solar panel cable 10 AWG H4:
– PV Wire: #6
– MidNite Solar Breaker 2A 150VDC MNE-PV2
-TEMCo WC0470 – 40′ (20′ Blk, 20′ Red) 4/0 Gauge:
-TEMCO Terminal Lug:
-Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Meter:
-DROK Digital Multimeter:


Ragrle Graggle says:

Fuck the canning jars, you need vacuum seal bags, okay some jars.

Martine says:

Just looks like an organized hoarder

Easy & Delicious says:

nice shelves

Michelle ruggiero says:

The average family doesn’t have the resources to stock to that degree ! The Amt of food and cleaning supplies /soaps would last for years! That amt of toilet paper and Pt would last me for years. Jw how does he afford all this and not waste ?

Mainframe 01 says:

You're efforts and preparation paid off.

Omar Suave says:

God bless him. I hope he doesn't live in any of those southern states that were hit by the tornadoes. At least 33 people died but houses were tore up. It's good to prepare but one natural disaster will take it all in a heartbeat.

Kitty Noneya says:

Hey do you have a video on how to can hamburger meat? Thanks

Hi there says:

BULLSHIT – if things really get that bad, your quality of life will suck so bad you'll wish you were dead.
What will they do in the case of poisoned water or air? Oh, they can always use those guns to shoot themselves – lol

Dazed but not Confused says:

Lots of people here just don't get it.

John Kirby says:

Great job…. Really you shouldn't have made a video. Because now people know what you have in your house. Not trying to pick on you. Do you think you can stay in your house when the shit hits the fan.. Who do you know that your not going to give food when they come begging for food. Anyway you have done a great job.🏴‍☠️

blacksuite1 says:

That's white gold you got there!

mems says:

No doritos ? Why why why !!!

Matt Smith says:

Thank you for sharing David!!!

john vines says:

Won’t all that stuff expire?

wouroud tn says:

7 months ago , did you know somthing about corona virus?

American Made says:

You rich b******'s I'm jealous

Neat Gifts says:

Before this COVID-19 outbreak, my older brother was a wannabee prepper. Now feeling emboldened, he is trying to upgrade is bugout bag and in a non-stop talking rant about buying wooded land. All of this got me to thinking about the items people are going off what they hear are being hoarded. It took me a few days after hearing about people buying up all the toilet paper before I realized that the panic was going to leave me without toilet paper and water, so I went out and bought as much as I could before just as I figured, I found myself stuck at home and unable to buy any more toilet paper and water. Still, I couldn't figure out why the rush on beans and rice. Not much of a rice person and rarely eat beans, I passed on those items. The problem is, my wife and daughter are Asian. They eat rice with every meal.

I said all of that because I am still curious as to why stock your pantry with whatever you stock your pantry with? Why rice and beans? What do those items and others do for you other than they last forever? Have you ever done a video on, "why" whatever item is on your selves? A break down of each item benefit.

Lidon Dyte says:

all of that freeze dried crap and only one bottle of scotch. wtf man. your alcohol situation is pathetic. i have more liquor and i'm not even prepping. you should have at least 144 bottles of spirits if you're serious. who wants to sit around eating mountain house for 30 years sober. ffs buddy. maybe you can ferment some of those tinned peaches into some sort of schnaaps.

Dave Schulz says:

You also need a cat to keep the mice out of food especially if you live in a older house without a proper foundation. Oh you have a cat right then .

Sweet Change says:

Your pantry looks like a mini supermarket .

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