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We love pasta, and we really love creamy pasta. This dish is so easy to make and it’s a dish that you’ll bring with you through life. It’s an instant pleaser. Let us know how you enjoy this thick creamy tagliatelle.

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Ariana Wasiei says:

I just tried the recipe, my whole family liked it, it’s so simple but yummy, good job you guys 🙂

Mayoo Vlogs says:

I tried this but without the vegan sausages as I had none at home, turned out good but I think with the sausages the dish would have tasted a bit more wholesome. (Also added chills flakes to add colour and a kick to the pasta.) Thank you for the recipe!

Rhonda W says:

I just discovered you from the Cheap Lazy Vegan! So glad to have your videos for inspiration! Thank you 🙂

Lila Loisse says:

cheers was delicious ! when we linking again mi bois i miss you and i feel like things haven't been the same since Roe: Ive made ,istkes we all have im human arent i and id think out of all people youd know thqt it hurts but i guess its got to be thqt way i love you both also can you do a vegan lasagna yummmmyyyy

Zuzana Tumova says:

Guys I love your channel and your interaction 😁. Have only one thing – can you please start making recipes without oil? You know that’s just empty calories and hurts your arteries… I’m sure with your amazing skills this is going to be a piece of cake for you. Much appreciated 😘

Alexis Wittman says:

luvin that squeaking sound…

vinzfalken says:

Subscribed even though it's /talyatelle/. 🤭

Tina Lemna says:

Looks delicious!

ciaobela8 says:

Too much oil ;(

ReggieLouise says:

Scallions ……. we call them shallots in Australia

April Rose Jackson says:

could I use oat flour? what could I sub in instead of olive oil if I want it lighter in oil? XX

Perla Serrano says:

Just one day before your video was published, I spent half an hour with chopping mushrooms. If I knew what I know now… 😀

Dichtsau says:

dudes, this is not a rue. u gotta make it in a separate pot with margarine and flour, not oil.
cooklevel: -1

Jemima says:

I know you guys talk about it often but I would love a video dedicated only to the art of seasoning – how you tie all those 5 flavours together

Iris Jaquez says:

gosh, my mouth is watering haha. this is going on the weekly meal list i make!

Vegan With Love says:

Yummyyy, I love alpro products

Roderich Heier says:

I love your recipes but please don't pronounce the 'g' in tagliatelle. It's wrong and it drives me mad.

Isabel Rosé says:

I love these kind of 1 pan recipe! Great recipe guys👏

slayingduck says:

isnt that a bit much flour/oil? Especially after adding even more of the pasta water. Also would recommend margarine instead of oil.

Da Brickbat says:

Traditional tagliatelle is made with egg. In fact, I've never even seen tagliatelle that is egg free. Without egg, it's more like linguine. Going by the colour of that tagliatelle, it also had egg in it.

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