French Omelette – How to Make Soft, Buttery French-Style Omelets

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Learn how to make a French Omelette recipe! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy French-Style Omelet recipe!


Canadian Cannabis says:

Good videos but god your inflections are annoying.

Joshua Bergeron says:

Where did you go to culinary school?

Blutige Tränen says:

I never knew there was a French omelette style… I've made mine like this since 8th grade home economics! I do tend to grate in a small amount of nice, dry, mildly salty cheese before the rolling/folding.

scyther1 says:

That looks so freaking good Chef.

Authan Johnson says:

chef ur so cool

Sven Smith says:

Mmm, liquid chicken is the bomb!

islezeus says:

who the fuck is Suzanne Placchette? Can i have an omelet with a glass of red wine for dinner or is that gauche?

GirlwthCurls says:

great video but your voice inflection is kinda freakin' me out 😕

Equinox68 says:

Your vocal pitches peak like steady waves. Good video though. I love to cook.

zanesmith666 says:

and some more butter* best served with mashed potatoes with more butter.

cemwalker says:

Sorry, raw eggs are disgusting.

Victoria Chism says:

I don't like wet, runny eggs. Give me a drier omlette any day.

swamprat says:

Why are you talking like that did u have a stroke

Mharti McDonhalds says:

Why tf do you talk like that????

himakgam says:

that's neither classic french style nor country french style omelette. You are getting rusty or there wasn't much to begin with- your technique sucked for chef level

Heavenpad says:


Al S. says:

"You are the Suzanne Pleshette of your French Ome-lette"

lovelyamor13 says:


Rhian Meaney says:

Triggered. Runny eggs.

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