Healthy Living LIVE with Chef Del Sroufe

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Chef Del Sroufe is the Executive Chef of Wellness Forum Health and the author of many wonderful plant based cookbooks. In this episode we talk about body shaming and Del’s struggle with his weight.


Fiddament RN says:

I was just about to order cocoa so I'll be sure to buy Fair Trade like you said!
I laughed when you said that you can't eat the same thing for four days in a row…exactly what my youngest (age 25) says about my eating.

Vinnette Pope says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching video.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

joanna Ou Mallon says:

ok death row meal would be vegan walkers prawn cocktail chips sooo brittish but litteraly i could die for

Linda Petersen says:

I love Chef Del! What a wonderful human being!

linzertube says:

I think I’m probably 1/2 peanut butter. Lol. Loved this interview, Chef AJ and Chef Del.

Laura Castillejos says:

Wonderful interview! Chef Del has made such a wonderful contribution to this community! ❤️🙌🏼

Erin Gigi says:

Chef Del tell them to jump in the lake! You are wonderful!

SadieTheVeganLady says:

Me and Chef Del are kindred spirits. I love to create new recipes and try them out. I like the variety too. Thanks Chef AJ for your wonderful interviews!

jammymommy says:

Hi guys! Thanks so much for being there for us. xxoo

bdm72257 says:

Thank you Chef AJ and Chef Del for this interview! You help so many people!

Lisa M says:

Del thank you for your creativity…. and contribution to WFPB lifestyle….

truthseeker about our food says:

Del is such a Talent

Darlene D Rivera says:

thanks for this interview Chef AJ and Chef Del, its nice to hear the honesty, and the imperfections that we all have to manage,

G Kuljian says:

I love this honest and open communication. I had the same question. And I just assumed it was because he wasn't eating a plant exclusive diet. But none of that is as important as just being brave enough to talk about the subject. It isn't about him. It's about those who are working through the same situation. I should talk; I've never been overweight.

Anis Sa says:

What a lovely man. Enjoyable interview!

susiemouse says:

Chef AJ, I sure do LIKE you. Such a strong and funny lady. And thank you for all your teaching and introducing me to other wonderful people like Del.

SeventiesGirl says:

I'm going to order Del's new book online after this. I love his books. Very practical always. I noticed he's sipping silica-rich Fiji water, keeping Altzheimers at bay! 💚✌

Eelke Aptroot says:

Weight issues are a professional hazard for chefs in general, I've seen many real-life cases of that here in Europe too. Though I can also seem to understand why people would raise questions when people like that advertise diet cook books. But yeah like Del explained knowing what an optimal diet is and sticking to it are two different things. What we expect the ideal body to look like is sadly determined by the media and fashion and has changed throughout history. Currently, I must say I think that ideal look as it's promoted is virtually unachievable for most people, perhaps in terms of health not even optimal, so they might be better off just lowering their standards instead of focussing on "perfection".

Lindsey LaVida says:

I love Del, I did a summer internship with Dr. Popper and Del 10 years ago! Love the Wellness Forum! Never a dull moment with Del in the kitchen!

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