Official Ron White – I Got Thrown Out of a Bar

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Ron White tells us about getting thrown out of a bar in New Your City, clip also known as “They Call Me Tater Salad”


Grade A Content-o says:

To think back in the day you get ridiculed for a gay hat and not a maga hat. Shows you that society has become even more petty and nitpicking

Laura Sanchez says:

Every time they show the crowd there's people leaving lmfao

Robert Johnson says:

This guy is hilarious

Jay- Rus says:

He never isn’t drunk

Anna Vajda says:

I've never been thrown out of bar they have refused to serve me after last call a few times but usually even then I could get a drink. I behave myself.

MrV902 says:

To be fair, if they committed assault while ejecting him from the premises he has every right to file charges, especially if they were so violent they managed to break furniture that they then tried to charge him for.

Lance Russ says:

Getting thrown out of a bar sadly I can relate completely way back at this biker bar I took a swing at a guy who I thought cheated at pool just some dude I missed horribly luckily for me it was a slow night but the owner was there and he liked me
He picked me up and put me outside and said lance you're 86 for a month

Alderman Fred C. Davis says:

…………….oh to be able to have partied with Ron White, the Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World', Sam Kinison, and Rick James all on the same night! Would bring new meaning to the phrase, "I'm here for a good time, not a long time."

Mitchell D says:

Good grief, his jokes are so effing drunk uncle told this one 40 plus years wasn't funny then, still isn't..he, Ron Tater Salad White appeals to the lowest common denominator..his humor is stale, unimaginative, crude, inappropriate under any circumstances..sorry, but most people don't care to hear about ur sexual behavior with some prostitute..or rather ur lies about any event, certain subjects need to be left private, such as bodily excrement and ur flavor of sexual one wants to hear about diarrhea, snot, digging in ur nose or ur crotch..u get the idea..stupid dumbass

Shawn Townsend says:

I feel sorry for this guy alcoholic chain smoker

David Schmidt says:

…….And I was wrong….

Brian Barney says:

My new nickname…… Tater salad

Daniel Barton says:

Gee!!!!! I wonder if anyone will comment on the right to remain silent quote.

Amanda Williams says:

Ron thrown out of a bar? Really no way would never happen ever lol!

John Nulf says:

"If you knew morse code you would already know that"

Ruth Casteel says:

thanks for the comedy…love it…

zeb doz says:

Damn they busted the tatar

Gary Dimaggio says:

That guy is an obnoxious drunk he was never funny

Johnny Armstrong says:

Your a comedy legend its helped me with my own depression and ptsd thanks for all your hard work

Chessie Fan615 says:

I saw Ron live back in 1986 at the Comedy Bone in Knoxville, Tn. Had no idea I was in the presence of comedic royalty. Lol.

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