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Hello lovely people,
When I asked you last week what you’d like to see more of you mentioned comfort food to soothe during these strange and challenging times. My first offering to this category is this Hungarian inspired goulash stew with veggies, lentils and lots of flavour from smoked paprika and aromatics. This recipe does contain quite a few veggies but I hope many of you still have access to fresh foods. You can definitely leave out celery and carrot while the potato and bell peppers are a bit more essential. I’ll be posting more recipes going forward though that utilises more pantry and freezer ingredients though to be more quarantine or self-distancing friendly so stay tuned. Wishing you all well!

Malin x


Music: Epidemic Sounds


Crystal Ma says:

Thank you for sharing special food every time. After I saw news, I need to watch to cooking video to have balance. I like your cooking. Interesting. (I lived in downtown Toronto.) Blessings 😍

Angelika Lirgendwas says:

I cooked it twice already! Without celery and wine and we love it

The Honey Boost says:

That looks so hearty and comforting! Stews, soups, and curries are my favorite comfort foods 🙂

Susan Scorah says:

Sending LOVE right back to you and Rob…thanks for the recipe it looks delicious

Lindsay Toussaint says:

I had this tonight and it was so good! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I substituted green lentils and a little balsamic vinegar instead of wine. I also had to use regular paprika and liquid smoke. I also added a bit of cumin, just because. Delicious delicious delicious!

misstoxin1 says:

Yeeesss! 👍For hungarian meals!

Mariana Pinheiro says:

I made this goulash for yesterday dinner… it’s so yummy!! Thank you ♥️

Angelika Lirgendwas says:

It sounds wonderful! Don't have any celery but going to cook this right now.
Edit: I cooked it with some additions (no wine, ne celery, no vegetable stock instead miso, Brown lentils instead of the beluga lentils ) AND it is delicious!! This is definetely my new go to recipe for the winter/cold times.

Thank you so much!

Mercedes Paradi says:

I’m sooo here for a series of hungarian dishes!! Loved this one too♥️

Dawne Smith-Sliming says:

This would be really great over some pasta, like a soup noodle sort of shape. TFS. I hope you stay well and safe during this difficult time.

Iris a says:

06:15 minutes of sanity, Thank you Malin and Rob🍓

Melhut65 says:

I might make this tomorrow. Looks great!! Dried lentils have been hard to find for a long time where I live, but I think I may have a couple of cans of lentils hopefully. Also, my daughter had to come home from college and will be doing the rest of this semester online and my son who is a junior in high school will be doing online school as well. So it was definitely a transitional time this past week, not to mention my husband, son and I were all sick with the flu. I ended up making the Caribbean rice and beans that you made last week with the greens. I didn't have the energy to make the jerk-ish chickpeas, but the kids loooooved it and it was so good and comforting – just what we needed in the moment. Thank you so much for sharing that recipe. I will definitely make it again.

Kim Walker says:

You are definitely my favourite. I love all the recipes you share 💕💕

Francisca Alexandra says:

Ahh need to try this 😍🌿🙏🏼

Paige Smith says:

made this for dinner, it was delicious!!!

Lindsay Toussaint says:

Wow this is so simple and warming and looks delicious. I’m making this tomorrow for sure.

Maria Fiorene Castelli says:

Absolutely delicious!!👍😋😋❤️

Almouna Saddiyeh says:

Looks delicious I’m trying soon. Next week I must venture out to the supermarket now I have a list to buy 😃

M J L 5 0 5 says:

Wow! Huge portion..

Jenny Harrison says:

Your meals are so great! And it sure helps to think of the positives. There are really many at all times. I don't think I exaggerate saying so.

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