How to Make Vegetarian Carbonara – Learn from my mistake!!

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So today I tried to make vegetarian carbonara. In this how to video I show you the simple recipe for a great carbonara vegetarian style, except I ran into a common problem with this veggie dish! I was in a rush and didn’t allow the pan to cool before adding the egg mixture! Watch and Learn from my mistake!
Even with the mistake I hope you enjoy this How to make vegetarian Carbonara recipe!


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Miss Optimistic says:

Thank you for rescuing me 😊. I have been looking for vegeterian version like anything.

Terri Eplen-Kleen says:

Even though you made a mistake, it still looks yummy! πŸ˜‹

The Tiny Baker says:

Mark, as usual I love your videos. These look amazing! Too complicated to make on our channel but still appreciate it.

Martha Leuenroth says:

Love the mistake. You taught us by example what we should watch for. Good lesson and I am sure the carbonara is good too.πŸ‘πŸ€—

Spain on a Fork says:

Thanks for the honesty Mark! this is why I love your videos! and this looks amazing! rock on brother

Barlow BBQ says:

EGGcellent fail lol! Just kidding my friend, glad to see you stuck with it and was honest about the mistake. Love what you’re doin Mark!! ✌️✌️

Plain Sight Copyright Free Music says:

Loving the veggie recipes. Keep it up.

Tara Wood-Bradley says:

Love this video, it is nice to know I am not the only one who has bad days in the kitchen.

Paivi Project says:

Nice job. Bummer about the eggs ! πŸ˜€

Beth Joyce says:

Looks delicious!! I love the way you talk to the audience off schedule. It kind of reminds me of House of Cards.

Everyday BBQ & Cooking says:

I thought it looked good buddy!

World Supporter says:

Wow Mark! Great recipe as always!!! Keep up the great work!! I am also impressed how you showed your mistake, not everyone would do that. You are one of a kind!!

Daggawaggaboof says:

Mad props to you for showing the rough parts of the process! It shows some genuineness that sometimes is lacking in other parts of Youtube

Ryan Anderson says:

Happy little accidents!

Cooking With CJ says:

Love it Mark! it's nice to show not everything is a winner. Cheers my friend!

Nebula Explorer says:

Scrambled eggs! Knew it was going to happen!

Heavy cream helps big time, thickens it up and adds flavor. When I make mine I add garlic, oregano, basil, and use the bacon grease and a bit of olive oil as the base, then mix it in with the pasta, then while moving the pasta around to make it start cooling off, slowly add in the egg mixture and the parmesan cheese, taste amazing!

Randomly Oni C says:

lol Mark!! You were def scaring me as you were putting the linguini in the water and sure enough your fingers hit the water lol!! I love that you showed the mistake and didn't pretend like everything was perfect! Now we will know if we try making this to allow the pan to cool. A lot of times people don't say that they made a mistake so we try doing exactly what they did and our dish comes out horribly and that's why! Keep em' coming Mark!!

Nebula Explorer says:

WOW! I'm suprised you actually did it! The reason why I was hoping you were going to do this is because Carbonara is extremely difficult to make. I have taken me awhile to master it.

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