Boiled Pudding: Not Just for the English

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Cecil Sowers says:

Interesting; not a fan of oatmeal or raisins, but if I were hunger I might try it.

Christena Gervais says:

Thanks for this recipe. I can't tolerate wheat, but I can eat oatmeal. I'm definitely going to try this. I can buy suet at my grocery store in the meat department. Ottawa, Canada

Darko Raptor says:

I'm starting to think suet is more of a British thing…. it's like in every shop here

Luiz Carlos Lemos says:

You have become addicted to Nutmeg

amadeusamwater says:

Does the staff get to eat the rest of what you make for the video? I suspect the recipes make large amounts because families were much larger back then.

Blake Nightshade says:

Would cold butter as a modern equivalent and replacement of suet?

Wee Aaron says:

Him: We've got our raisins
Me: aight imma head out.

Martin The Panda says:

In hell, the cooks are English…

MrColinwith1L says:

I think youre right that the oatmeal is the NE part. I am about to make an oatmeal pudding from Hannah Greene’s book and its almost identical…except it uses the oats and milk from scratch and not as oatmeal.

Darius Reidace says:

This guy uses nutmeg like Chef John uses cayenne. I love it <3

Kim in Alaska says:

The carrs grocery store in Wasilla Alaska does carry raw suet. Its wonderful stuff

Big Bertha says:

Oh my goodness another similar treat to my culture in Newfoundland. Some still boil this type of pudding in a cloth bag in the boiled dinner pot called jigs dinner popular in some families still today. Refer to Bonitas Kitchen.

Kiara Rogers says:

is almond milk ok?

Peter A. Van Tassell says:

I tried smoking nutmeg once. A long time ago.

Gillian Rimmer says:

This is the recipe for a traditional clootie dumpling from Scotland – they are still made now, but with flour instead of oatmeal.

DIMAX I says:

I'm happy to be living in the cinnamon generation.

I C says:

Hi John. I have been watching your content for quite some time now, and I've been wanting to say that you have not only allowed me to enjoy a neutral form of awesome content on this platform that is doing so much goofy things that seem to hurt content creators, but given me a new found respect in old colonial history that I already had 10 fold. I hope all Goes well and your Channel/ business thrives and may any obstacles be tiny speed bumps not hurdles. Love the content, Love the energy. <3

musicmad says:

mum used nanas old flour sacking cloth for the boiled pudding and would tie it to a stick and it would hand from that – it was an awesome filling delicious pudding – with custard and whipped cream

michael dixon says:

Looks fire oldschool homie.

W4tch0ut says:

That reminds me a lot of eastfresian Mehlpüt 😀

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