Camper Christina Cooks – Making Prosciutto Basil Tomato Pasta

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During my trip to Tim Lake in Algonquin Park last summer, I made up a really yummy pasta dish. It included prosciutto, tomatoes, basil and a few other delicious ingredients and it turned out really well. I’ve made it on a few other outings and thought it would be a good one to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy this weeks video coming to you from my Camper Christina Cooks Series. (sorry for making you hungry! )






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scratchypants1 says:

Looks great Christina. Might I offer a suggestion? Start with the fats/meat, render, then veg, then deglaze/reduce with water/mushroom juice. Sometimes the deli has "end bits" of prosciutto they cant slice – these are cheaper and are great to cook with. Not exactly camper-friendly, but this is a good one: fry chopped prosciutto and mushrooms with a knob of tomato paste until the meat is browned. Add cream and turn off the heat. It will look soupy but will thicken very quickly (reserve pasta water in case it gets too thick). Toss with your pasta and finish with grated lemon zest.

David Manuel says:

Thanks Christina for these great videos, I really appreciate them. They actually do help add days to many trips, for that I thank yo! Hope to see you out in the backcountry. Safe travels!

Steve Forsythe says:

Wow, gotta try that looks yummy! Prosciutto I love but have never put in a dish. Thanks for sharing!!

Earl Hayes says:

Hey Christina is this a older Video or is Snow gone Already love the channel im going out Monday can't wait 👍👍👍👍

tttrevin says:

Hey pretty lady. Great video. Do you take OFF with you or any other insect repellent? I hate to see you suffer with those bugs.

Ronald Rose says:

Hello Christina, thank you for sharing another entertaining video. Your are quite the outdoor gourmet. I can only imagine how great it will taste. When do open your outdoor restaurant? Be safe out there and always keep those informative videos coming. 🤗

DL Mac says:

Wow, great looking meal! You have a very calming presentation style. Awesome!

jack mehoff says:

Awesome video Christina, that looks great !
Next time I get to town, I`ll have to pick up the fixins and try it.

You are the Julia Childs of camping, always quick & tasty.
Thank You for sharing your video, and an awesome recipe. ATB

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