How To Make Omurice – A Japanese Rice Omelette

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Chef Shintaro Eleazar Okuda of Bar Moga in NYC is sick of amateur omurice omelette videos, so he came to the Munchies Test Kitchen to demonstrate how it’s done. Shintaro breaks down the origins of this comforting Western-inspired dish, the special techniques he uses to achieve the perfect omurice shape and texture, and why this dish is best eaten with a spoon. His recipe for this creamy omelette includes buttery chicken fried rice and a savory veal demi-glace.

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Potato Chip says:

If I try making this
Would I succeed?

I'm a teen tho

Gelo Lelo says:

Thats not omurice because it dont have the ton ton thing

Kechi PlaysTheWorld says:


Ignatius Chua says:

Uhmm … all asian (rightly) used their left hand to manage the frying pan and never their right.

Crazy Mac says:

What type of cream did you use?

Nansymansy Si adnan says:

"perfect omelette is not have any wrinkles, football-shaped, and looking sexy"

I mean I'll frick an omelette if I have to

Meezus Walks says:

Ummm , you forgot to say itadakimasu…

Alexis Mercado says:

Seasons change and our love went cold

NEET Freak says:

Can someone give me a timestamp where his tattoos are visible

Jese Channel says:

Its so hard to made omurice egg

gzmo0 says:

I have had two omurices in my life: the first one was in Tokyo, the second one was here at Bar Moga… the second one was better…

Paije Peri says:

Favorite part: When you cut it open and it just folded down around the rice. 👍🏻 🍚 🍳


i love how he has a giorno's ladybug pin tattooed on his arm

Blame Youself says:

He or she has amazing cooking skill

April Chun Qiu says:

Hope the chef is doing ok.. I’d like to visit bar moga after the pandemic!

Christian Murphy says:

This is less of a 'How to make…' and more of a 'Watch someone make…'
'Make sure you strain AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you don't strain enough…' Gee, thanks for the helpful instructions. ???

xM1keemikes Gaming says:

after the guy cook he speaks like soma make his dish

Kraken says:

Posuto marone

Jericho Fernando says:

You can’t cook man

Jinsoku Cruz says:

Love the chef..his omurice looks yum!

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