Vegetarian Dinner Ideas | Vegetarian Fine Dining at its Best

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I hope this helps you figure out some great vegetarian dinner ideas. This really is Vegetarian fine dining at its very best! Vegetarian cuisine is not boring at all its actually quite the opposite and I would be happy to eat this meal once a week for the rest of my life. Vegetarian recipes for life my friends!!

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2 courgette
5 florets of cauliflower
7 crimini mushrooms
1/2 cup courgette strings
1 clove smashed garlic
1 chimichurri recipe
8 pea shoots
1 lime
kosher salt
maldon salt
canola oil for frying

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Cooking with Sonny says:

Who requested this dish?? And are you satisfied??!!

Julie Paine says:

I love watching you make these beautiful dishes! So inspiring. Thank you !

Mitchell Hilbert says:

Holy cow! How does this not have more view?!? You need to be getting millions of views! Could you lower your background music volume on your next videos? I really love what you do!

CheoffGeoff says:

Chef's got some serious skills. Love seeing the fine dining techniques made accessible. The plating here is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I'm new here on YT and would love some feedback or support on my channel. Cheers!

Liss2271 says:

I like your music choices lately 😂 I can imagine many of these songs appearing in a fantasy video game

Gordon Bordon says:

Fine presentation
but now all that with some grilled chicken 😆😆😆

Nina says:

Sonny, thank you so much! So much to comment, but for now I'll just say Bravo! Btw I started my seeds for my veggie garden today and I am for the 1st time growing yellow zucchini because of your recipe!! I love that one too. Merci 👏

Cloudy Day says:

Looks yummy!

Daniel Brown says:

You, sir. Need to be on Foodnetwork!

Uncle Matt's Cookery Lessons says:

How's things going there regarding corona Sonny, bloody disaster here I'm out of work now until I can find something. I'm leafletting in my area as soon as my flyers are printed offering cooking lessons in the home, not sure how popular it will be but worth a try? Also maybe we should think about that live stream mate?

Uncle Matt's Cookery Lessons says:

Looks stunning Sonny, I neglect vegetarian food too much. As I trained in French restaurants I didn't really get to learn real veggie cooking as French chefs don't consider chicken stock to be a meat product. Sorry to all the vegetarians that I served at those restaurants.

Scott Blackwell says:

Wow, your precision is so impressive. I’m sure a lot of this was taught, but I’m sure your brain improvises so much as well. Thank you for a great lesson.

Corey Hanna says:

Anyway you can do fish tacos?? Fried and grilled if I can be picky?

MK_MH_22 says:

Man You are amazing

VAEXR says:

Yeeeees!! I didn't participate in the poll, don't have social media right now, but this is an AMAZING episode, most of my family is vegetarian, now I can finally cook them something that looks way more incredible than my mediocre skill level, thanks a ton Man! 😁👌👌

abc xyz says:

That's cute how you made them look like Mini watermelons. I love my vegetables and I would definitely eat the hell out of that. I vote against that music though. That was distracting, a little bit too loud.

Ms M. says:

Mr Sonny I've gotta tell you that, your skills are very impressive. I get such a thrill out of watching you cook. your passion & creativity are unmatched

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