AMAZING Old Fashion Donuts | How To Make Vegan Donuts | EASY

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These vegan old fashion donuts recipe is super easy and so delicious that no one will know they are vegan. These easy vegan old fashion donuts will hit the spot for a great old fashion donuts when sometimes it’s hard to find a vegan version.

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Alicia Lewis says:

Is it vegan cream cheese?

jeff kaplan says:

You are so Rose… Every video, because you are honest(as in I don't measure perfectly but "I make it work")… Jams !!! Thank you. My body loves you !!!…You are super pretty to look at too !!! And brilliant wait for a doughnut hole to float.

axdarey says:

You’re my favorite vegan vlogger! This looks so good. I can’t wait to make them. I love donuts. That’s why I’m the fattest vegan I know. 😝
Thanks so much for this recipe. I love the way you enjoy the finished product. Continued success on this channel.

Rosetta P says:

But.. Did you wash ya hands after that sneeze? I'm so distracted

Charles Crisefi says:

Recipe looks good, anything different besides oil, oil goes right to the arteries

Elizabeth Peterson says:

Do you have a recipe for maple bars?

Think Yazzy says:

Am I the only one who saw that glitch

Nicole Lendman says:

OMG! these were sooooo good! thank you for the recipe!

bknightify says:

this is great I am trying to add vegan baked goods, had no idea you could use vegan cream cheese thanks for sharing

Ms. Spritually Inclined says:

Looks Amazing…..

Kersh2000 says:

Just made these, and they turned out amazingly! Thank you xxx

Trigger Happy says:

I wonder if you can freeze the dough.

Treshun Porter says:

You are future wifey lol 😂❤️

Happy Girl says:

Its 3:42 in the morning and im high about to make these donuts.

Robin Stone says:

Can i use whole wheat flour?

sally perzanowski says:

What is your hot plate?

sally perzanowski says:

Your " stove" what make? Is it electric? Looks like its not. I need one

S BN says:

Do you have a cold

Love Dev says:

Daaaaaaaamn that looks so good

Robbie Zeigler says:

Why did she make the glaze at 0:13 before the video started? P.S. Old Fashion Donuts do not have glaze!

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