Trying New Vegan Fast Food: KFC, Subway & Greggs – This With Them

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Erin Kelly says:

alex "how's the lettuce?"

Maggie Moran says:

Subway’s Veggie Delight is my favorite fast food sandwich. Toasted, with oil and vinegar. It’s just like a salad sandwich.

Tina Podratz says:

I suppose that you could ask for extra mayo or even dipping sauce for the sandwich if you ever order this again. Just a thought.

MadAboutRoses says:

You guys are adorable! Wish you’d do more vegan taste tests 💛🌱

Malene von-Ahnen says:

Amazing videoes!! ♥️👍🏻😊

Saima Naz says:

Now finally I can eat cheese yay! Because it’s vegan!
Normal cheese makes my psoriasis worse as cheese is the worst food for psoriasis sufferers but vegan cheese not only does it taste better but it has no impact on psoriasis whatsoever as it’s not made from animal milk.

jillipepper5353 says:

We ask for extra mayo, or less or a different sauce, ask for sauces on the side, places are there to serve you, you can ask for how you like it. If you ask for something a little different than they provide you’re more apt to get it freshly made instead of drying out under heat lights.(ew)

A Nutritarian in lala Land says:

I am a vegan YouTube cook! I make a killer vegan Mayo on my channel!

Broken 95 says:

They don’t fry the chips in animal fat I used to work there it’s vegetable oil the only reason they can’t say it’s completely vegetarian because some stores prepare the popcorn chicken in the same fryer as the chips but we had a separate fryer that was just for the popcorn because half the staff were vegetarian in our store

Marinaa K says:

Is it me or Alex looks like Jamie Oliver?? Haha I discovered your channel today and I loved it!! Ps I'm DYING for your accent hahaha love from Greece ❤️

John Nixon says:

wish south africa would follow suit with more vegan options…everything you tried looked so amazing

ksweetie1 says:

I didn't know KFC had vegan chicken!! Wow

Emily says:

You guys are honestly my favourite 🤗 yes to part 2!!!

jessica bonanno says:

Love the videos when you guys are out and about … so fun.. I would love to through this out there since you guys don’t mind tasting things I think you guys should do a getting what the person in front of me orders I think it would be a fun one to watch you guys do

Sarah Bean Sherman says:

Hey Alex, are you wearing a Whoop with the charger?

The Silent Escapade says:

Would be cool to know the calorie difference between the meaty version and vegan versions!

Sharafun Ban says:

Hey guys….this video was amazing like as always. You should do a part 2 of trying vegan food. Loved it.

Tim C says:

KFC quite a bit different from Canada to the states here.I am curious about more Vegan,have only tried Tim Horton egg and meatless sausage. Wasn't bad but definitely needed more pepper or spice to compare with regular sausage. Another great video Eh from across the Pond.

Danielle Voshol says:

I’m all for having vegan options but am I the only one that cringes with the words vegan cheese? Cheese by definition is made from milk. Cheese substitute I would be fine with, but vegan cheese, such an oxymoron.Everything else is like meatless burger or what not.

Rosanna Pinyerd says:

"That looks like a pipe bomb" – Alex 😆

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