Delicious Southern Food… IN PARIS? + Road Trip!

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After sorting out our car situation, we make a quick stop in Paris, Texas for some delicious chicken fried chicken! 😍 Southern food might not be the healthiest, but it sure is delicious 🍗

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Tushar Joshi says:

Make a video on Paris France

AP says:

Ya couldn't put the Texas part after the …" Paris"
Nice vid thou

JT McAwesome-Face says:

That's the best idea you've had all year Greg!

Lea Woodard says:

All y'all white gravy haters need to try it first. YUM.

Glenna Leclair says:

You're gaining just about 1k of subscribers per day! That is so wonderful! Keep up the good work. You deserve every one!

Ehmmm Jay says:

Haha, your Midwestern-ness totally comes out when you guys say "insurance".

ella hutchins says:

I live in paris Texas It’s my hometown

Luann Crownover says:

I am in the process of watching all your videos from oldest to most recent. I am loving all the travel….that is also my passion! I taught school in a very small town just an hour from Wichita Falls..and still live there today. I travel every chance I get and now travel with my daughter and granddaughters. Thanks for the inspiration! Hopefully I will run in to you in WF some day.

Al Lorenz says:

Our Daughter was born in Texas so she's a NATIVE. I like what you guys did to "move" to Texas. So how did you get a mailing address ?

Arightpest says:

gravy should be brown

Theresa Pierce says:

I live in Paris!

Alicia Robinson says:

Wow! I live in Dallas/DeSoto TX now and know people from Wichata Falls

Michael Nichols says:

Irritating….for Erik to always to ha-ha after all his comments…

Michael Nichols says:

Love Allison…she is not only gorgeous but such positive spirit and her ability to make things happen, Much more of Allison. And as for Erik or Eric….such a wimp…hates spice, wrist bands, ankle bands, etc……

allan sisson says:

Starting to really love Texas

Jordan Martin says:

One of the things that I miss the most about Texas is the Chicken Fried Chicken/Steak. It's soooooooo good and all this eating healthy stuff is for the birds. No matter how healthy you eat, you're still going to find yourself 6 feet under when all is said and done.

Becca Riley says:

Also. Why do they call it chicken fried chicken and not just fried chicken??

Becca Riley says:

What is that white stuff that Americans call gravy? Do we call it something different in the UK or does it just not exist here?

Gerd Papenburg says:

When I have first read through your video title I have thought that you are back in Europe again.

krazo hills says:

I've been there, eaten at same cafe! Yummy

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