IMPOSSIBLE Dinner in Iran!!! Home-Cooked Ghormeh Sabzi, the National Dish of Iran!!!

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Thanks to Vania and Sohelia for showing us the best home-cooked dishes in Iran!

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ADDRESS: Tehran, Iran
SOCIAL MEDIA: @darvazehtehroon

2. FAMILY HOME: Dolme + Sabzi + Mirza Qasemi
ADDRESS: Tehran, Iran

🇮🇷DOLME: Mix rice, fried onions, beans, herbs, turmeric, garlic, yogurt. Stuff mixture inside a grape leaf and fill pot. Add butter and water. Cook on the stove on low heat for one hour.

🇮🇷SABZI: Start by sauteing onions. Add turmeric and chili powder. Add mutton and fry it up. Add Fried barbs, Beans, Dried lemon, Salt and Water. Boil 2 hours.

🇮🇷MIRZA QASEMI: Start with hot skillet and add oil. Add roasted Eggplant, tomato, garlic, turmeric. Add salt and crack in 3-4 eggs. Cook until eggs cook through.
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Best Ever Food Review Show says:

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Bmore9erfan says:

Love this video gives a much different perspective on Iran media can be the devil at times!!!

Hautfarbe Caramel says:


elfranz macanip says:

Will you try the haitians dirt cookie ??

manny greywolfsdb says:

I swear, after this Covid19 thing, I am using our 30-day Visa Free entry ang go to Iran! Your food looks delicious, and some unique. And not to mention the beautiful people! …love from the Philippines!

Lia Abad says:

Thank you for this video I get to see Iranian culture. 💗👏

Hamie Khan says:

The host female kid looks like a camella cabello … Such a good platform to promote positivity and believe on connectivity among people … keep the good work up

unplugged from matrix says:

They lied about Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran too

Randum dude says:

Did anyone notice the hooka was and rpg. Rocket propelled grenade. Lol

har ripiog says:

I never thought Iran is perfect for tourism as well. Their culture is rich.
Thanks for this amazing video! ❤

walking being says:

I thought Iranians are stiff and covered and very traditional, yet here they are, so humble and casual. Saddened to witnessing the number of brothers and sisters fallen from covid19 in Iran. I hope they're doing well.

Evan Wayne says:

Due to u Sonnie I'm tryna go to iran. Food looks fire

يـمــانــي - R.Y.S says:

This beautiful people deserve a life.
The world must put pressure on the oppressors to end the siege on the Iranian people .

If there is disagreement with the regime, people should not be punished Innocent people.
I am an Arab and I love the Iranian people and I always pray for them. ❤️

يـمــانــي - R.Y.S says:

I love that kind of bread. ❤️

Mahmood Safi says:

i love your all videos i watch your videos epecialy when i have no appitite i wish you come to Afghanistan too

MJ says:

This women are so gorgeous 😍😎

MJ says:

Youtube: Real news, real reviews, real reaction, real history
Media: fabricated everything

Angel_415 says:

I’m 18 and she lowkey cute

Mart Renier Bagullo says:

11:17 this is something we do here in the Philippines also, but without turmeric powder. =)

Fabiana Pettroza says:

I am Iraqi Chaldean with Azerbaijan and some Tehran origin so this series is making me really happy. The mama kind of looks like Erykah Badu and the daughter looks like an Indian Camila Cabello.

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