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Intro/Outro music:
“I’m a Vegan”:
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“No Beef”:
“Gary (Dairy is Scary):
“Minimizing Consumption”:

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Zachariah Petroski says:

Try the Impossible burger from Burger King its the Vegan Burger

Alisa Sahakyan says:

U could share 🙄😁😁 kidding nobody would dare to ask a share at that point. I know they're sooo tastyyy! Really wandering why do ppl still eat cow titties instead of this goodness🤗🤗

Jorge Fruit says:

Let’s goo 💪🏼

Stuart Buchanan says:

looking forward to your vegan sharing vidz,only vegan in my household,,,,,,,,,,i wish i had the money i would be getting vegan cheese and vegan ice cream,the chocolate is vegan too??????the crunch was perfect..big upz

Lena Lenli says:

👍👍👍👍👍😄😀😀😀😀😀 yeaahhh

Yazzy Collier says:

Love this! Hahaha

jamel zamani says:

Man u killing me wit that must of been mad cold i wouldnt even attempt to challenge that n not cause im.insecure lol well i ca be but u know peace

jamel zamani says:

Oh man lol haaa u so silly u devored that like an amimal looks real good i tried a vegan ice cream similar called miro or somthing seen them? and im.wearing similar camo jacket while watching this strange maybe lol thanks peace

ParadymShift Music says:

Uhhh it's not insecurity dudebro, but chu know I'm not oriented that way sexually and so it's not enjoyable for me to see content that's similar to it. It's not rocket science.

edit: I'd love to see your videos with more decorous candor. If anything, think of it this way:
the more of a wider audience you can appeal to, the more animals will be saved!!!

LoV Laura says:



The vegan magnum of almond is so much more delicious than the original vegan magnum in my opinion. Any vegan magnum is better than every non-vegan magnum though! No animal cruelty! Ahaha the golden wrapper


That intro oh my…….. I'm just beginning to watch 😂😭

Lexi Luque says:

You had me laughing the whole time. You can deep throat any food and still be manly and attractive. 😆😘

Hammed Afakir says:

Salaam Disl

Njamnjam, Bon apetit Bro

Peace and Love to the "Get BIG Fam" ♥️✊♥️💪♥️🐱♥️

Sara omar Lowrey says:

😍😍😍🤗, ur funny ,, u make me laugh a lot

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