The Absolute Worst Challenges On Man V Food

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Some challenges on Man v Food were better than others, and some were downright painful to watch. It’s time to revisit a few of the most crushing defeats and painful victories that Adam Richman faced while he hosted the show.

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Hellfire wings | 0:14
The Hawaiian Mac Daddy pancake | 1:18
The 15 Dozen Club | 2:12
The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger | 3:11
Hellfire spicy tuna roll challenge | 4:30
The Gigante | 5:29
The Kodiak Arrest | 6:38
A 72-ounce steak | 7:33
The Dagwood Challenge | 8:39
The Kitchen Sink | 9:41


Nextplane97 says:

Man vs Food: looses

Matt Stonie: hold my beer

Norwegianboy EE says:

"Food was free if he didn't die"
Oh, so if he did die. They'd send him a bill to the grave i take it then?

Kindred says:

Why was he chosen for the show I'm curious, his appetite is nothing out of the ordinary and for a man of his size not very impressive. Why didnt they choose a professional like Matt Stonie or Ichiruzo etc.

Kavan Puranik says:

Matt Stonie: Amateur!

Awesome Dude2 says:

Oh god…some of these are painful to watch

Sven0620 says:

and how are those people not fat

Donald J. Trump says:

Y’all talking about Matt Stone but sleeping on my boy ErikTheElectric who ate 100k calories in three days PLUS can put down 10k calories in under 10 minutes

HMMHMM says:

Matt stonie can crush all of man vs food challenges in one sitting

Jesse Vanity says:

Nikoado avocado

Jesse Vanity says:

What’s funny is that since mukbanging became popular this shit looks tame.

quackss says:

He ate a child
Whole and alive
With salt and pepper
In a vegan bun

Jonesyful10 says:

Does smoking weed first count as cheating? Cause I could probably beat some of these if I had the munchies lol

Ryan McKenzie says:

I'm uncomfortable that I was talking about this show yesterday and now its recommended to me

Umair Khan says:

My man Matt could eat half of that burger in 30min

Honey X Lavender says:

People starving people wasting food

Tom Spencer says:

7:09 mukbangers

Hold my beer

Expired Skillz says:

Matt Stonie wants to know the restaurant locations

Mr.Dsiuh Damamom says:

Gimme that texas steak!!!

Mr.Dsiuh Damamom says:

Why would he be the only victor of that burrito? It looks easy also fun fact, mac and cheese only take up 1%max of you stomach, so…

JoeCnNd says:

All the Matt stonie commenters should know that Matt looked up to this guy.

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