Vegan Coconut Bread – NO Oil!

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This unbelievably soft vegan coconut bread is the perfect recipe to make for a healthy breakfast or dessert!

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Tiffany Sweets says:

Please consider adding recipes to your videos!! Or in the comments ❤️

Robynne Catheron says:

Oh, yummm!! I'm going to make this today. I might make a quick half-recipe of buttercream frosting with a drop of coconut extract and some shredded coconut.
Katie, what did you top yours with? It looks delicious in the video!

Stef Valentina says:

Mystery ingredients?

Stan says:

Hey Katie. I subscribed to your channel today because I really love your blog. I don't actively follow any blog, but when I want to bake something I always first check your website. I am so happy yet very afraid, because you seem to keep making content with love, without selling out. You stay true to yourself and I can hardly express in words how much that means to me, in an (online) world where more clicks means more money. Thank you.

One small idea: wouldn't it be a nice idea to put the name of the ingredients and maybe the amount in the video? Or are the videos just to help illustrate your blog posts? In that case, keeping it like this is fine for me 🙂


All I see is mixing a bowl of gut busting and gut damaging plant Anti nutrients. Enjoy that toilet people.

The Vegans must be all the ones taking all the Toilet Paper bc they need it!

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