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General Tso’s chicken is a spicy, aromatic, sweet and sour dish with roots in Hunan, China, Taiwan and New York City. Now we branch off again with Vegan General Tso’s ‘Chicken’! In this recipe tutorial, I use the BEST vegan fried chicken, oven-fried, as the vegan chicken alternative. It’s amazingly juicy, crispy, crunchy, and perfect for rolling in sweet and sour sauce while still retaining its texture. This recipe is easily made gluten-free by choosing gluten-free tamari instead of regular soy sauce.

If you’d like to use another vegan chicken alternative but still want to have a crispy coating, skip ahead here: 3:43

If you have another vegan chicken alternative that already has a crispy coating or you don’t want to bother with a crispy coating, skip ahead here: 5:26

Here’s an interesting read about the history of General Tso’s Chicken:


Full recipe + blog post:


The BEST Vegan Fried Chicken:

Beer Battered Cauliflower + ‘Honey’ Garlic Sauce:

Kung Pao Tofu:

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Recommended GF flour:

Tofu Mould:

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Mary's Test Kitchen says:

Sooo about that firm tofu tutorial…, I lost a bunch of key footage somehow and I don't think you'll see that video for a while yet 😭Check out my old tutorial on making regular tofu if you haven't seen that yet:

Kayakdog dog says:

Just made this, it is really good Thanks Mary

Gary A says:

Hi Mary-

Just wanted to let you know I tried this recipe with whole button mushrooms in place of the tofu tonight and they were a big hit! You rock! 👍

Kaitlin Brown says:

I defrosted in hot water 🙁 is that okay!

Awkward Vegan Social Butterfly Aryn says:

#Reciperequest sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken or pork. (Vegan) lol

Danielle Grove says:

Do you have a cool book? Or plan on making one?

fgrzejszczyk says:

3:26 what is this beautiful broth soaking music?

Lorie Busk says:

Have you tried these using an air fryer?

House of farts says:

How many calories is this?

Shannen Canton says:

Holy crap that looks just like chicken

Sebastian Ariel Burd says:

where is the recipe for vegan chicken broth? please, thanks

Zöe says:

#reciperequest could you do a veganised version of "jian bing" (煎饼) please! It was my favourite street food in China and I miss it so much. When I last had it, in 2012, it was in Huludao, China and they used puffed tofu. So something similar would be amazing!! I appreciate you and this channel so much.

A. R. says:

Honestly has to be one of the best vegan foodie channels on YT! Plus I appreciate your sense of humor.

Robert Whitford says:

I really enjoy your voice' and descriptions the recipe looks delicious! I look forward to future food!

eTeRnAl bLiSs says:

This looks good…vegan chicken huh…making tofu from scratch??🤔Gotta try it.

rebekahcapetillo247 says:

Did you use your DIY "chicken" broth for the soaking part of the tofu? I really enjoy your witty-ness and all of your videos. Can you pick up the bottles or the containers to see how the products are spelled? I try to look for them at my local Asian grocery store, but sometimes I don't know if I'm getting the right thing.

Bas Finnis says:

Looks great. Thanks

Patricia Price says:

Oh my goodness, this sounds so good. I do love me some Chinese food. I don't suppose you have a Vegan recipe for Garlic Chicken tucked away some where, do you? I've never quite figured out the ingredients in that brown sauce.

A.I. says:

Mary, I love your vegan dishes.. already made 4 of your recipes.. superb!!! Keep them coming and thank you so much for sharing!!!! Lots of Love from Florida, USA ^_~

granny pug says:

How about vegan sesame and empress chicken

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