Warm and delicious pumpkin pancakes have never been easier! This is definitely my ultimate comfort food breakfast.. P.S. These pancakes are made with ingredients you can feel good about (Meaning, they’re on the healthier side [More]
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Hi, friends! ☀️ I hope you enjoy these healthy lunch ideas! These meals are perfect to pack up in your lunchbox for work or school. I hope they help you feel energized to make the [More]
Don’t have enough time to meal prep? Well we have an super easy vegan recipe – italian noodle soup that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes. Ingredients below! 1 pkg of Field [More]
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This week was all about Italian inspired dishes 🇮🇹 We had an awesome time cooking five quick and easy Italian inspired recipes. From our mouthwateringly creamy vegan carbonara to the epic lasagna that only requires [More]
Vines for the children💞 This year has been amazing and vines helped me through so much, so I made this clean vine compilation🌟 ~I will like to thank all the ex-viners for making this possible~ [More]
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Welches Eis am Stiel schneidet im WISO-Test am besten ab? Das teure Markenprodukt oder die günstige Discounter-Variante? Laborergebnisse und weitere Fakten zum Thema Eis am Stiel finden sich hier: https://www.zdf.de/verbraucher/wiso/eis-am-stiel-teuer-oder-billig-100.html#xtor=CS3-81 Eis am Stiel: Schon gewusst? [More]
A Vegan Cornetto folks, Gluten free and here’s what I think.
RECIPE BELOW: This is a classic Chinese old school comfort soup that’s practically been served in every Cantonese household. It’s a hearty soup that’s a bit sweet and savory. Serves 10-12 Ingredients: • 4 qt [More]