Dairy Free Magnums

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Dairy Free Magnum Review
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Ricki’s Place says:

First💋 You guys are so cute together❤️ The dairy free almond sounds absolutely delicious, I’ve never had that particular brand but I love Häagen Dazs. Great video Aussie & Liz💖💖

CherS Love says:

Love magnum too 🥰👌 53👍full view..great content..good job friend..stay safe🏡💚🌿stay connected🔔

TERRY. W says:

Diary free this is new ….glad to see they taste the same..

Highcountry Flylife says:

great video, I have always enjoyed the magnums, top review 2 Aussie

Bulletbricks says:

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Donkey says:

Very good video 👍👍👍 Have a nice day 😊 Greetings 😎

Eva's Animations, Reviews, and Adventures says:

very nice video and cool what you got to eat and hi

Denise's Orchid Paradise says:

That looks yummy, $5, is ok price but $7 is high, great review!

Bear says:

Im vegan myself and I find maybe the almond version is a little nicer? I love you guys and great food reviews. I love how you show the camera. your good people and from one Aussie to another, I wish you the best of success for 2020 🙂


sounds absolutely delicious, very tasty.

Steenbean M says:

Looks yummy!😋 I haven’t seen the dairy free version here.,

Hana duong Life in USA says:

Love your review my dear 👍🥰

StevesWeekender says:

Yup had these before, they are very nice, and very good value when on special — Steve

Nga TV says:


Mr B Food Stuffs says:

Im going to see if i can grab some next time im at woolies.

Liam's Gaming Channel and more! says:

I love Magnum so much! That's my grandma's favorite type of ice cream! Gotta show this to her, thanks for having a review on this, mate!!!

Wine&Dine with Jeff says:

Delicious magnums my favorite I never had dairy free vegan ice cream. Great to hear you can’t tell the difference

Only Mahone says:

You're not wrong about Magnums always being cracked! It can actually be quite annoying depending where its cracked. These look awesome though, amazing that you couldn't tell a difference in taste. Nice one guys 😀

Jenn & Mark - Fun and Fancy Free says:

Now I want ice cream 😃. What a great summertime treat!

Nick Smith says:

Guys did the cream melt at all?

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