Silently Cooking – Beans on Toast

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The Food Surgeon says:

How did I end up with so many subscribers compared to you? It's unfair. Your channel is still churning out great content!

No no says:

I'm eating this on toast as I type this out. It is *very good*. I made the mistake of not rewatching the video in preparation for cooking. So i have the following notes on the web site version of the recipe:

I've never made made anything using dried beans before, so it may be common knowledge to use a lot of water for the soak. Again, i forgot to re-watch the video (which clearly shows you using a great big jug of water for a cup of beans), so i just covered the beans with water for their overnight soak. It had been completely absorbed in the AM. So when i boiled it, i added what i considered at the time to be plenty of water (about twice as much water as bean). I even loosely covered the pot and ran it at a simmer. By the end of the hour, i only had a couple tablespoons of very thick liquid. So my feedback is that a mention of the need for lots of water would be a kindness, although certainly not a fault in your recipe.

Speaking of boiling, the recipe mentions the baking soda in the ingredients list, but provided no instruction to add it. Not sure what the baking soda does, but i forgot it.

That's it. Even with all my mistakes, the result is extremely good! I fear the baking soda has something to do with has control, so I'm a little worried what my day will be like, but i guess there's at least one upside to being socially isolated!


Nlaps Official says:

u are underrated.

IM1THE2KING3 says:

Awesome content. I hit the like button and look forward to seeing your channel grow.

Incognit05 says:

My mouth watered itself into a well

Lewis Lazy - One Pot & Lazy Meals says:

Yummi! Looks really delicious. Great Video 🙂

tTsch00f says:

What's the baking soda for?

Khristafer Sheffield says:

This seems like a very original version of beans and toast. Is it British, is it Tex-Mex, – – the world will never know!

Meg says:

I always heard not to cook beans in their soaking liquid or it will increase their gassiness.

Hayden Leiker says:

I am now hungry

Anti-Mattering says:

As Gordon Ramsay would say approvingly when he's in the midst of cooking something, "Come on."

the pharaoh says:

Awesome work.

Ivan Weissbein says:

Top quality as usual!! Thumbs up. Will hace to try it 🙂

BlueMagooey says:

Thanks for reminding me how simple and awesome cooked beans are

tom says:

well this is satisfying

BornGhost says:

Any preferences on the cheese?

5enecan says:

I prefer this wooden cutting board. Your old one with the person on it used to scare me.

RetiredSchoolCook says:

So simple so delicious .

Steven Galley says:

I didn't realize until the last 5 seconds that I was watching the video you were editing on stream lol

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