Super Food Chicken Curry | Jamie Oliver

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This is Jamie’s Bombay Chicken recipe from his new book Everyday Super Food : | It’s a fantastic, quick way to cook chicken without the heavy sauce or oils. Packed full of nutrients, protein and fibre it’s a balanced meal that tastes amazing and does you good too.

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Sirini De Alwis says:

Best everyday chicken receipe seen so far👌

Sirini De Alwis says:


nidhi patankar says:

That's what I love about Jamie's cooking. It is healthy and has traces of Indian cuisine. Lovely and full of taste and colors. 💛💚

Udathveer Singh Pasricha says:

did anybody notice jamie oliver on the vinegar bottle

Black Rose says:

That book cover is not nice 😳

Black Rose says:

I need folic acid too 😱

Black Rose says:

I’m a oven lover 💕

Black Rose says:

And that way to cook the chicken is super smart 😳😮🤭

Black Rose says:

Chicken is super necessary ☺️

Black Rose says:

🤔 do you think wine was missing?

Nobody thinks about wine with chicken and curry 😒…

But sometimes you just need chicken for protein and wine to relax muscles… muscled and mate ☺️

Black Rose says:

I thought 💭 that chicken was just a bit dry… but I forgot the green stuff ☺️

Black Rose says:

I do need iron… 🤔

Arun Seigell says:

BROWN RICE WILL KILL you -full of arsenic!

taniel boss says:

Curry Chicken! not Chicken curry 🤨

Rashed Hiyasat says:

yea the food is nice but that house and kitchen looks beautiful

Frank says:

am i the only one noticing that his looks are getting closer to donald trump?

Rameez Shaikh says:

Where is the Curry?

Karen Hodson says:

How u do a bacie curry

Raquel López castillo says:

I see you on TV I am from Andalusia and I have my cooking channel and I plan to make some recipes of them that you have, if you want to follow me

Daniel Finn says:

Jamie : add 100g of rice
adds 107g of rice

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