How To Make Brinjal (Aubergine) Pakora – Classic Simple & Easy Recipe To Follow!

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Hi Guys, amazing recipe that was highly requested on my “LATIFS INSPIRED” Facebook Page as well as my Instagram Page

2 Aubergine – Small/Medium Size

For Marinade:
1 tsp salt
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Chilli Powder

0.5 cup Gram Flour
0.5 cup Plain Flour
0.5 tsp Garlic Paste
0.5 tsp Ginger Paste
0.5 tsp Salt
1 pinch Fennel Seeds
1 tbs oil
0.5 tsp Turmeric Powder
0.5 tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder
3/4 cup water

Oil To Fry The Pakora!

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Adam Lowe says:

I think you are enjoying too much home cooking from your mum 🙂

Mike Bishop says:

Hope life is treating you well? Just want to say I’ve only been subscribed to you in the past weeek or so, want to thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. In the last week, or so all I’ve been eating is curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner lol. At this present moment making your Onion Bhajis. Loving your curry’s mate. Cheers Mike Bishop.

Madmatt S says:

This looks great! Will definitely be giving it a go. My favourite is Brinjal Bhaji, but varies so much in restaurants. As aubergine is such a sponge for oil, how do you stop it being so oily?

Sarah Rose says:

Question: can you use different types of eggplants to do this pakora or does it have to like the one you used?
Also, can you show recipe for cauliflower pakora?
Really enjoying your recipes, glad I found your channel!😋

Adele Smith says:

Lol i was just thinking where did he get that knife

E D Daly says:

Nice. But what do serve it wit? What dip would be good with them?

HaSsy MiiA says:

Latif make Kichuri…. which is a iftari favourite in every bengali household during Ramadan even regular during certain times in BDesh.
Do a iftar prep like Sylheti style kisuri with chana and fakora. What traditional iftari is.. also other traditional stuffs like handesh, nuun bora, tosha sheenii, feeta. Feeta can be a hit with the viewers if they know how to make it.. it can be eaten with any curries. Basically amrar authentic traditional kaani kita kita so manush zanbo..more

Danny Boy says:

Gotta say they look amazing 👍👏

Tawheed Sunnah Channel says:

Before you go back to the restaurant would you show us how you would make Tikka and Vindaloo at home? I always thought these were strictly restaurant meals but I'm sure you can help us out since your at your home cooker.

Jon Dv says:

trying to grow egg plants for the first time this year down my allotment (and some seeds are making an appearance, so here's hoping for a good crop?) thanks for the vid

London E says:

Yes yes Latif fataylowwwwww Lol any chance one day you can make bone marrow I think they call it foynchaaaaa or something lol
Also come on people keep sharing nearly at 100K

Stephen Allen says:

Making me feel really hungry…..

Thanks for a really great and inspiring channel ! I look forward to all your videos.
Has really got me back into cooking Indian food.

AJ says:

I was watching your onion bhaji video and your base gravy video and you mentioned using 'curry powder' but you never say what's in it. Can you please doa video where you explain what goes into a 'curry powder' so I can make it myself.

Tim Jones says:

Paneer, soon, please, pretty please.


Can we use other vegetables to deep fry? Like Zucchini?

James Conrathe says:

Fennel seeds you mean?

A Khan says:

Ramadan Mubarak, keep it up bro 👌

Elizabeth Singh says:

For North Americans eggplants 🍆

1.61803398875 says:

Very nice I will make it. Thank you for recipe.

Kooky Claire says:

Hi Latiff, could you confirm whether it’s fenugreek as you said on the video, or fennel that is written on recipe please? It looks delicious & really want to make them. Many thanks.

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